SHR # 1070 :: Your Fat Cells Need More Sleep Than The Rest Of Your Body: How Short Or Impaired Sleep Periods Leads To Obesity And Diabetes

Guest: Dr. Josiane Broussard

Dr. Broussard discusses the metabolic changes that occur after only four days of short sleep duration and how it precipitates the development of insulin resistance that leads to diabetes. This study is especially significant since Dr. Broussard brought together a group of Sleep Research Experts and Biologists focusing on the energy regulating effects of sleep. The amount of time considered a "short sleep duration" is astonishing since most people would find themselves in this category and think it represents an adequate sleep duration.

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0 # Weihong 2012-10-21 22:38
Sadly, in this current times, the average person needs either to have 2 jobs or working extremely long working hours just to survive in the high cost living. And the problem will only get worse it seems.
0 # mem 2012-10-19 17:39
Excellent show, Carl. Bring on more like it. People have no idea what chronic shiftwork that results in chronic very short and poor sleep can bring about. I am so glad to see these studies happening FINALLY. In the early 1900's the # of shiftworkers in the US was less than 6%. Today, it is 26%. Does this figure into the overweight and obesity we are seeing? Bigtime. As well, it is clear that it is also a pathway into other serious illness. In just short studies mimicking shiftwork, metabolism was decreased by 8%. Given the same food intake and activity level, as the researcher stated, that gets you a 10lb weight gain in one years time.

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