SHR # 1048 :: RTDOSAHA #23: Showing Respect To The Dead PLUS Listener Questions PLUS The SuppVersity Science Roundup

Guest: Coach Wade Johnson - Rob Regish & Adel Moussa

We discuss the importance of the Deadlift as an overall strength movement. For women this is an important movement to learn for the protection of functional strength as you age. I called it the Nursing Home Buster! Coaches Johnson and Regish detail the two styles of Deadlift, proper execution, loading patterns, set and rep schemes and accessory work to aid in proficiency. Specifc attention to the beginner is paid. PLUS Coach Johnson gives us an update on his training progress. PLUS We answer a listener question about the Bench Press. PLUS Moussa performs the SuppVersity Sniif Test to some of today's big science stories in the news. More on the effects of pesticide-laden produce - Who's paying for that research - The Heath Benefits Of Sex For Men And Women - The New Mantra On Healing The Bad Heart - Plus More.

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