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Co-Host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo

A Look At The 2012 Olympics - The New Darwinism: Only The Intelligent Will Survive - Cargill: 29,000 Reasons To Buy Beef From Your Local Farmer - Wall Street Goes TRT - X-Men Mutants A Reality: 30 Genetically Modified Babies In The USA - Antioxidants Fight Periodontal Disease - The Real History Of Food Stamps - Listener Questions

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0 # cogrick2 2012-08-04 11:27
Great and thanks!
+1 # aprofumo 2012-08-04 09:16
The GM Babies article originally came from Dr. Tenpenny's post on FB. I am in the process of scheduling her to come on to SHR for an interview. We can certainly have her discuss her thoughts on this subject as well. Thanks for you input!
0 # cogrick2 2012-07-31 05:37
I would like to hear a little more about the science behind genetically modified babies. It did not sound scary to me because they were somehow combining three humans to produce one human set of genes instead of truly "engineering" genes - as in, fabricating new genes from some kind of base substance. I did not see how combining humans together, in a sense, and then letting nature choose what genes successfully populate a human would risk unpredictable consequences like Carl discussed. Thanks!
+1 # sewa mobil jakarta 2012-07-28 10:24
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