SHR # 1012 - Organizations Speak Out in Lawsuit Against Monsanto PLUS Muscle Saves Lives: The Charles Spencer Story

Guest: Judith McGeary & Charles Spencer

McGeary's organization - Farm And Ranch Freedom Alliance - is one of several outspoken organizations that have filed an amici curiae brief asking the NY Appellate Court to overthrowing a ruling in favor of Monsanto. Monsanto continues to exploit their GMO infestation of the agricultural landscape here and abroad and must be stopped. PLUS Spencer was not only diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis but also completely crippled by it. He was told by his Rheumatologist that anything other than adherence to the prescribed pharmaceutical drugs would lead to swift and certain death. Listen to this inspiring story of one man's life-long struggle to learn how to reverse a supposedly irreversible disease.

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+2 # Charles Spencer 2012-07-16 16:14
It was a privilege to be a part of Super Human Radio today Carl. Thanks for allowing me to share my story.

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