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Buy the Blueprint Bulletin and get The Blueprint 3.0 for FREE

This includes The Blueprint 2.0, 3.0, auto-calculators that take ALL the guesswork out of your workouts, and discounts on Synthagen & Tranquilogen for new customers. Also included are the Super Human University Add 1″ To Your Upper Arms MP3 download, exclusive insider forum access, and a years’ worth of game changing information delivered right to your in-box every month!

 The Blueprint Bulletin is a fantastic way to stay one step ahead of your competition, training partners and use these little known gems to up your game. While The Blueprint was and still is cutting edge in many respects – we live in the information age, and information doubles every 18 months. You’ll find this powerful information right here – each and every month to complement what you have learned with the Blueprint. Everything’s on the table – from training, diet, supplementation, and more! You’ll be on the cutting edge, and receive your newsletter via email at the end of every month.

Speaking of the Blueprint, even the very best, top-flight natural bodybuilding supplements and pro style routines can NOT over-ride your natural born physiology. The infamous steroid guru’s figured this out and increasingly touted an array of anabolic drugs to force ones physiology into a state of rapid muscle building. So, is there a natural way to “steroid-like gains” in muscle mass and super strength without the bad risk-to-benefit ratio of bodybuilding drugs?

Plenty of younger lifters are walking proof that having lots of gas in the tank and no GPS gets you nowhere, fast. What you really need is a GPS system in that Ferrari of yours! Like everyone, you have a physiological “blueprint” ready to grow heaps of muscle mass. Natural born, biologically perfect hormones designed for YOU, by YOU. It’s your personal BLUEPRINT for BIG MUSCLE Building.

The “Blueprint” is laid out in easy-to-follow steps that work in natural harmony like no other drug-free, organic bodybuilding system before. Best of all, it works over and over again, ongoing. Even seasoned pro-level athletes and former steroid users are reporting BIG GAINS with this NEW landmark bodybuilding course.

The Blueprint for Big Muscle Building lets you in on

  • Why brief muscle tissue breakdown is fundamental to your success, along with the surprising what/when/where and how keys to doing it exactly right, and the strategic way to turn it into a month+
    of SUPERCHARGED size and strength gains.
  • The four distinct physiological states you must create and how to stagger them to maximize your training, nutrition, and bodybuilding supplements.
  • How to build muscle mass and get stronger from EVERY single workout by knowing how to eat at mealtime to maximize growth and recovery. You’ll know exactly what to eat, when to eat, and even how to “pig out” for gains!

Rob Regish has walked in your shoes, searching and researching weight training theory, bodybuilding supplements and training table protocols since 1985 in pursuit of maximum muscle, strength and winning sports performance. He lives his training every day, just like you. At almost 45 years of age, he can still be found doing 1 arm pushups and training hard in the gym. And just like you he takes this lifestyle seriously, with an eye for RESULTS. After all, RESULTS are what really matter. So learn from his hard won knowledge and wisdom… and get on the road to Gainsville.

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