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Fitness expert Alisa Profumo, co-host of Carl Lanore's groundbreaking internet radio program "Super Human Radio," is living every woman's dream of life after 50. She's smart. She's independent. She's beautiful. And above all, she is a poster woman for excellent health attained through all-natural means. She's not on any medications, not physically debilitated, and she turns the heads of men and women alike with her athletic and effervescent allure. All of this in spite of the fact that many in her family suffer – largely unnecessarily - from poor health conditions. How is it that Alisa is able to be such a shining star? Call it a perfect balance of old-fashioned clean living and new fangled female Rock Star energy! Alisa Profumo is the bedazzlng embodiment of '50s being the new attainable '30s.

"Carl calls me the classic Libra," Alisa shares with a laugh, "always balancing everything! Beauty comes from the inside out. It's not just about how you treat yourself and your body. It's about how you treat people, the earth and all that lives. It's the water you drink, the food you eat. Balance is everything!"

A key element of Alisa's balance is that vanity and desirability were NOT the primary drivers of her goals. The beauty and the body were by products of her greater desire to live a longer, healthier life and to be an inspiration to others.
She didn't have to look far for the consequences of not paying attention to her health. "With several women in my family, autoimmune disease runs rampant - one of my aunts died from it," she confesses. "One cousin was the youngest recipient of knee replacements - both knees - because of rheumatoid arthritis. Another has been in a wheelchair since the age of 18. I didn't want that for my life, so I did some research and found that lifting weights would protect my joints – long before that was the popular thing to do."

For Alisa, weight-training is not just a 2-pound dumbbell in each hand as she jogs around the block. This woman gets busy! "I've been lifting weights since I was in my '20s. I'm strong for a woman. I can leg press over 600 pounds! So many of my girlfriends think if you go to the gym you'll get bulky like a man and gain weight. So they starve themselves which starves their whole system to the point where their muscles can't support them. As they age they try to get up out of a chair but have no hamstring strength so they fall and break a hip simply because their bones are brittle from malnutrition."

"Another girlfriend once told me she thought that Beyoncé and the Kardashian sisters were all FAT, and that Madonna was too muscular. I said, 'Are you out of your mind?' She also said she'd never lift weights. Again, she's not aging very well, either. Growing up looking at waifish models like Kate Moss all the time, they think that's how they're supposed to look. However, there is such a thing as 'skinny fat' where someone can be super thin controlling their weight through not eating yet have more fat than someone who looks heavier."

Alisa did have a couple of positive role models growing up, including her mother Penny who taught her healthy eating habits and how to take care of her skin. Most indelible, however, were the precious lessons passed down to Alisa by her grandfather Papa Craig who took a keen interest and liking to her, spending quality one-on-one time for which she is eternally grateful. "I have a special place in my heart for my grandfather," she says reflectively. "He was quite the outdoors man. He won a canoe race - when he was 75! He lived in a log cabin in the woods. I drove 5 hours there by myself to visit him. We'd make dinner from only things we either picked or caught – like catfish from bank poles. We went to the library and read about mushrooms, then he took me to the woods and showed me how to tell the edible ones from the poisonous ones. We picked raspberries and wild asparagus. He taught me gardening and foraging the Paleolithic diet now only back then they didn't have a name for it. A Paleolithic diet is for people who eat grass-fed beef/meat and vegetables – no grains, no dairy because those 'carbs' cause inflammation within the body and put weight on you. I don't strictly live the 'Paleo Lifestyle' – I eat dairy and eggs, which is more of a 'Primal' lifestyle. The point is, with my grandfather, everything was all natural. And when he died, he left me a very special book, 'Natural Healing': about healing with herbs and plants."

Alisa's early discoveries led her to further studies, practices and expertise that benefit her, Carl and their listeners of Super Human Radio. "In my '20s I started teaching aerobics at the University of Louisville for their health and wellness program. It was awesome to see hundreds of women take my class, lose weight, get healthier and happier. It made me happy! I recently got certified in sports nutrition. I didn't do it to practice with clients. I wanted the knowledge and certification to validate that I know what I'm talking about. That helps with the show I co-host, 'Casual Friday,' on current events."

Beyond the latest news on the horrors of Monsanto, female listeners are most keen to find out the beauty secrets of the lady whose picture on the Super Human Radio website has people swearing the 54 year-old woman is not a day over 35. But she admits even she once harbored unhealthy insecurities about her appearance. "My father was Italian with dark skin and hair. My mother was blonde and blue-eyed. She was my role model so I grew up thinking that's what I should look like except I have a real curvy figure. I never fell into the whole starve yourself thing but in the back of my mind I would think I wasn't as attractive as a blonde skinny girlfriend because of the Mediterranean in me. It took a while to get the confidence to embrace my curves. That's why I love Sofia Vergara and J-Lo. They've shown us that curviness is in! So I'm fine with anybody knowing my age. One girlfriend said, 'You should wear it on a poster board on your back!'"

"I wasn't the only one in my family generation to adopt healthier habits," Alisa continues. "My younger brother and I have been very active and athletic. When my mother married my stepfather they lived on a farm in the country so I had a place to go to when I wanted to get away from the city. I hiked in the woods and helped on the farm. He had me throwing 65 pound bales of hay! My mother once told him, 'Don't treat her like a man,' and he said, 'Well, she's as strong as one!'"

The great thing is now there is a bolder up-and-coming generation of young women that believe it absolutely 'rocks' to be able to toss some weight around.
"Take the whole Cross Fit movement," Alisa shares by example. "They're flipping tractor tires around. We have an area in our gym with sleds where I pile 45 pounds plates on them and push them around. That's a weight and cardio workout – awesome and en vogue now. I also love to run sprints. I ran track when I was younger. Being outside on a track or running hills in the neighborhood is what I love. I still go to the gym to get my resistance training in but most everything else I do is in the fresh air outdoors of Kentucky. My 15 year-old niece Ryan is a cheerleader in high school now. She runs up and shows me, 'Look I have muscles in my arms,' then drops and does push-ups - the right way – saying, 'I want to be like you!' That makes me so happy... My goals are to continue to be healthy and to pass what I've learned on to other people. "

The greatest benefit of all has been a clean bill of health from her physician. "Last time I went to my doctor's office," Alisa recalls, "they couldn't believe that, at age 54, I didn't take any kind of medication. I do take bioidentical hormones but that's just a woman taking control of her aging and staying healthy. By contrast, my stepfather is in his '70s and takes 17 different meds which is a travesty. Many from that generation still think doctors know it all but most of them get zero training on nutrition in school. They'd rather put a Band-aid on things give you a drug and get you to come back for a checkup than address the real issues. Food is what feeds our body and soul."

To that end, Alisa has a branding plan to do something to combat obesity in America. Along with a possible couples gym fitness video series that she'd do with Carl she also has a publishing goal. "I want to write a cookbook with very creative, healthy takes on recipes that usually aren't very good for you – especially snacks. When I was growing up, we never had soda in our house so we didn't get that sugar or, now, high fructose corn syrup. If I went to a friend's house that had soda, it was a treat. Today, my older brother has a son who is ADHD and munches on Cheetos all day. Who eats that?! I mean, what's in Cheetos anyway? So I'm planning to write a natural living cookbook that inspires you to grow your own herb garden. I have a rosemary plant, a lemon tree, a grapefruit tree I grew from a seed in a grapefruit that a friend sent us from California. Cooking is a personal expression of art and I love it."

Needless to say, the only new wrinkles in Alisa's life are thrilling new endeavors and challenges such as Pole Fitness and Aerial Yoga classes. She's even considering a body building bikini competition. However, the final big 'secret' of Alisa's healthy lifestyle is balancing all of that activity with generous applications of serenity. "I've always been an 'early to bed/early to rise' kind of girl - getting a full 7 to 8 hours of undisturbed beauty sleep. More times than not, I like to stay home, sit in my yard, listen to the birds and read a book. I have a sunroom. I planted bushes and milkweed that draw butterflies where monarchs lay their eggs. I feed the birds and have rabbits, chipmunks and deer in my backyard - like a lil' oasis. It's up to us as individuals to plant things in our yards that provide a haven for the birds, bees and butterflies otherwise industry is going to wipe everything out. It's all about being grounded and in touch with your inner self - being happy with yourself and knowing who you are, what you want and where you're going."

Moving forward, Alisa earned a certification last year from Bellarmine University in Holistic and Integrative Health" and is starting a course with the Herbal Academy of New England to become an herbalist. Her vision for life's second half could not have been made any clearer following an epiphany she had on a recent night out with Carl and one of their friends. "This guy was talking about how he felt himself getting older and deciding he needed to sell his house to get a bedroom on the first level so he wouldn't have to climb stairs. That is the most foreign way of planning your future to me. I want to be running up the stairs as I get older."

Carl Lanore

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Carl Lanore

“It’s not like I woke up one day and said, ‘I’m going to be a crusader.’ It just evolved out of my frustration and anger. I’m really friggin’ angry! That’s the God’s honest truth.”Carl Lanore

Carl Lanore has your back in a way that, traditionally, very few people in this life ever do. On the surface he is the broadcast host of his own Internet program “Super Human Radio” on the SHOUTcast digital network with a solid listenership of over half-a-million homogenous people that is growing every week. In October 2012 the show broke the four million monthly download mark with an impressive 4,353,023 shows downloaded. Scratch beneath that surface and you find a tireless researcher, motivator and crusader – a muscle man poster child beating the drum for Physical Culture and Ancestral Nutrition while pounding down the pseudo/so-called medical care and pharmaceutical industries which do more to keep people sick than make them well. It’s a tall order for a once 300+ pound mere mortal who was handed a death sentence mere years ago. But Lanore has re-risen in a single purposed bound as a real life superhero we can surely use in these hard times for health.

“I was always an inquisitive kid,” Lanore begins. “Biology, Anatomy and Physiology were my favorite subjects in school. I’ve been taking things apart trying to understand them my whole life. Having a radio show gives me the ability to call up some of the brightest people in the world and say, ‘Me and my audience have questions for you’. Some of the guests since “Super Human Radio’s Year 2005 debut include Dr. Scott Connelly (founder of Met-RX), Ori Hofmekler (author of “The Warrior Diet”), Dr. Bruce Ames (creator of The Ames Test for Carcinogens), Aubrey de Grey (biomedical gerontologist of the SENS Foundation that authored “The Mitochondrial Oxidation and Aging Theory of 1999”), Richard Simmons, Phil Collen (lead guitarist for Def Leppard), Jack Abramoff and Dr. Marc Siegel (member of the Fox News Medical Team).

“I’m on a mission to teach people the realities of today’s food system,” Lanore stresses – “to make the world understand that the exclusive reason for all the chronic disease today is the food we eat, and that these foods are promoted by both the government and the large agribusinesses that they protect. The fact that we have a government talking about cutting healthcare without addressing the cause of our health crisis is ludicrous. It’s like coming in to talk about painting the walls of your house while it’s burning down to the ground!”

Some of the most volatile topics Lanore has tackled since his show’s inception? “We talk about Growth Hormone and various hormones as anti-aging tools, the proven dangers of genetically modified foods, the incestuous relationship between the FDA and the companies they provide oversight to, and the parasitic tendencies of Big Pharma. Also hard-hitting are shows on nutrition and America’s growing obesity issues. The Food Industry should be called The Health Care Industry because if you eat right you’ll stay healthy. The Medical Care Industry should be called The Sick Care Industry because they only cater to sick people. They do little to absolutely nothing for people that are healthy!”


Tracing the source of Carl Lanore’s inherent fighting spirit lands you smack back to his hard knock New York roots. “I was born in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn right around the corner from the Marcy Projects - a very rough neighborhood that also gave us rapper Jay-Z and boxer Mike Tyson. You come out of there with your instincts for survival naturally honed. I also got a lot of strength from my father, Carmine. He was a real tough guy that cast a really big shadow. He taught me the importance of helping people. My father once saw a New York City police officer pinned under a burning motorcycle and pulled him out. He also helped people find jobs when they came over from Italy which used to really aggravate my mother. ‘Look, they have nobody else to help them,’ he would tell her. So helping others is something I don’t even question. I fight against things that I see are wrong because that’s what you’re supposed to do.”

A hustler and an entrepreneurial go-getter from early in life, Carl bought two local candy stores with race track winnings he and a school buddy were too young to have even earned! He went on to college to study Optometry and become a contact lens practitioner. He made a strategic move to Las Vegas but, unfortunately, was only licensed for New York, so he made due selling mobile phones to doctors and lawyers that were the only ones able to afford such a luxury in the `80s. “I would sell a Glenaire phone for $7,200, my commission was $2,000, and I was selling one a week on average. Do the math!” From there he started a cellular rental business that became a multi-million dollar enterprise before marrying, having children and relocating to Louisville, Kentucky where he ran an alarm company. This is when his American Dream life took a nose dive - health-wise and otherwise.

“I was really unhappy running that alarm company,” Carl confesses. “I had lots of problems with personnel and was putting in 70-80 hours a week. It wasn’t what I wanted to do but I had to because I was married with two and then three children, had a mortgage and private school tuitions, two daughters that figure-skated and a son in a traveling hockey league. The burden of raising kids today and trying to keep up with the Joneses is unbelievable. So back at the office, whenever a technician needed equipment I would always volunteer to run it out to them. That’s because I would drive through the Wendy’s Hamburger drive thru. This is when they came out with the Double Stack budget burger for 99 cents – 2 patties, cheese, sauce and a pickle. I’d order THREE Double Stacks – on one bun – a Biggie fries and a large Dr. Pepper. The girl would say, ‘You want six patties on one bun,’ and I’d shoot back, ‘You heard right!’ I would do that two to three times a day and still have lunch with my office guys then go home and eat dinner. I ballooned to 300 pounds and was diagnosed with Cardiac Dysrhythmia - one side of my heart beating out of time with the other side. Typical prognosis: lifelong problems, then you die.”

“It was 1998, I was 39 years-old and I wondered, ‘How did I get here? I came from such good stock…’ I received a copy of the book ‘Ageless Beauty - Timeless Mind.’ One passage really hit home: ‘Every cell in the body is regenerated somewhere between six months and seven years.’ I thought, ‘I need to position my body so that when my cells are regenerated they are healthy cells.’ I began to seriously embrace exercise and nutrition. I lied to subscribe to a database for doctors and started doing research from all the papers and studies it had coming out of major universities. I learned that one thing that has a profound effect on cellular remodeling of the heart is resistance exercise. I started power lifting, sleeping sensibly and eating like an athlete in order to make my heart bigger and stronger. I lost over 100 pounds and repartitioned my body by losing fat while building muscle.”

It was at a Christmas party where Lanore was dispensing nuggets from his newfound knowledge to a clutch of ladies making their futile annual New Year’s resolutions to go on a diet after the holidays that an observant gentleman emerged with a piece of advice for Carl as well. “Have you ever thought about doing radio,” he asked Carl, surrounded as he was like someone out of an E.F. Hutton advert. The man introduced him to Neal Highfill at Clear Channel Communications Inc. who convinced Carl to take over a Saturday afternoon air shift from 12 to 1 o’clock on Louisville’s WKJK-AM 1080 and create a show that provided a positive outlet for his passion about healthy living. Inspired by his faithful workout buddy Jesse, Carl dubbed his seedling broadcast venture “Super Human Radio.” His motto: “Live Stronger – Live Longer!”

As word slowly fanned out about his program, Lanore initially trademarked his show name then focused on syndication, getting on a Fox News affiliate in Vegas (KDOX), then KKNT in Phoenix, KTLK in Los Angeles and so on to Dallas, Orlando and so forth until he was on in 38 markets - all on Saturday afternoons…when very few folks were listening. After an eye-opening discussion with Carl Anderson at CBS Radio, Lanore was awakened to the concept of building his business model around the future of Internet radio. “Internet radio is about to be just like terrestrial and satellite radio thanks to mobile devices and cars that will soon be internet equipped,” Anderson schooled. After learning that syndicated terrestrial talk radio king Howard Stern was doing a simulcast of his hit show on SHOUTcast (an AOL holding), Carl truly saw the light, invested $8,000 in a server that he added to his home studio and started his own SHOUTcast radio station. He rebroadcasts all of his old shows from 2006 to the present in streams every day and does a live 2-hour show from noon to 2pm – Monday through Friday.

“I have people tuning in on their iPhones,/iPads, Blackberries and Droids, and in their cars on the way to work,” Lanore shares beaming. “People are downloading my podcasts and listening to me on their MP3 players. By mid-2008 I was off 50% of AM and by the end of 2008 I was all Internet. My audience is bigger now than what it would have been if I was only on terrestrial. People that listen to me now come specifically to hear me – nobody is standing by to hear “The Sean Hannity Show.” My advertisers are realizing that I have a Homogenized Audience. I have over 430,000 listeners. To get that on a syndicated AM show, I would have to be talking to millions of people. I’ve got 300,000 people just coming to my website! 90% of my advertisers are now on annual contracts and have been with me for three years or more now, selling supplements, food products, exercise equipment, nutraceuticals, workout books, etc. One started advertising one product with me in June. By September, they upped it to four products.” These are merely the financial fruits that Lanore is reaping thanks to three intensive years of intense internet work as well as social networking via Facebook, StumbleUpon, etc.

However, Lanore truly measures his success by the overwhelming feedback he receives from the concentrated listenership of his broadcast brethren. Joey Gleason raves, “I had to take a minute to thank you for your program. It really is life changing. Thanks for all your motivation, knowledge and passion. It rubs off and I’m happy to say it’s passing from me to others as well.”

John Parker shares, “Your show has had a tremendous impact on my family and the information is spilling out of me to others. I have some pretty big business ideas that I'd like to bounce off you someday.” Mark Domme of Amarillo, Texas, praises, “Why do I think you stand well above the rest of the health/fitness related internet radio shows? In one word: Agenda. You have none. Opinions, thoughts, theories....yes, but you have no agenda. You are open to any and all angles related to the nutrition, training, science, and anything else related to physical culture.” And Charles Spencer of North Canton, Ohio testifies, “Sometimes it pays to ignore doctors who tell you that if you don't pump yourself full of pharmaceuticals you will be dead in two years. I'm still here...two and a half years later. I love your show, especially the rants against MonSatan and GMO, and all things unhealthy. Thanks for what you do.”

Carl Lanore’s “Super Human Radio” program was designed to reveal the flaws and fallacies in today’s Western diet, its linkage to the diseases we fight against, the need for Physical Culture in the form of regular daily exercise, supplements that remove the need for pharmaceutical drugs and the importance of hormones as we age. “I’m on a mission to teach people the realities of today’s food system...” “Live Stronger. Live Longer” remains his mantra, and Lanore walks the walk. He trains almost daily with heavy resistance training methods, eats a Paleolithic style diet, began hormone replacement therapy in 2007, uses the supplements he talks about, and has turned back the biological clock of his body. He will tell you that he is stronger and in better health today than when he was in his late 20’s.

“It’s hard enough getting through life with the obstacles we face every single day without the government lying to us and companies with parasitic tendencies draining us,” Lanore laments. “Fat is nothing to be afraid of. It’s the carbs - man was not meant to eat grain! Corn is killing people, especially via genetically modified corn syrup which is eroding the lining in peoples’ stomachs. Grain is loaded with lectins, lectins cause inflammation and cancer is primarily linked to inflammation. PEOPLE HAVE TO TELL PEOPLE these things…because the government certainly isn’t going to do it.”

Carl Lanore concludes, “No matter what religious theology you subscribe to, we have this one life right now and we want to make it the best life we can. We want to live long healthy lives. Something as simple as not getting startled with avoidable disease is our right and not a privilege. There are powers at work, sinister or not, that are standing in our way. I plan to expose them so people can make good informed choices that will impact their lives. I’m angling for bigger platforms. I need millions of people to win this battle.”

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