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michael-page-pixmichael-page-pixMichael Cuanico

Michael Cuanico began working with SHR back in 2008 as an outsourced freelancer but quickly made himsef indespensible and a full-time team member. His natural talent to see graphic and textual flow as well as harmony is rare. His dedication to making our website not only look inviting but remain functional and easy to navigate became very evident. He works with little to no supervision but always seems to be a step ahead, anticipating what will be needed as we grow and move into the future.

Michael lives in the Philippines with his wife and three children.

elliott-page-pixelliott-page-pixElliott Turton

Elliott has been working in commercial radio production for over 10 years now. He has worked in several major markets like Los Angeles and San Diego. Recently settled in Louisville he has joined the Super Human Radio Network team heading up Production. He has worked with many top level broadcast talent like Adam Carolla, Howard Stern, John and Jeff, and Terry Meiners. He has also produced a variety of sports broadcasts for the University of Louisville, University of Kentucky, Louisville Bats Baseball, and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Dr. Jeff Golini

Dr. Jeff GoliniDr. Jeff GoliniJeff Golini, Ph.D

1985 - Present : President / CEO / Executive Scientist, All American Pharmaceutical

  • Took All American Pharmaceutical into a multi million dollar state of the art manufacturing facility. Leading formulator in the nutrition industry with a proven track record of Quality Assurance and R&D.
  • Principal Investigator and Sponsor of several clinical studies, both in the U.S. and abroad. Currently holds a total of 40 US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and European patents & patent pending applications
  • Developed both the alpha ketoglutarate bonding technique for amino acids, and Nitric Oxide amplifying agent (AKG). Inherit scientific ability to ask the critical questions during the research phase, has led to several drug inventions, currently on the market, to enhanced blood flow to male organs.
  • Developed protocols for NIR spectrometer testing in the nutrition industry. Proven track record of contributions to the science of Near Infrared Analysis earned him the title “The founding Father of NIR”, awarded by Bran & Luebbe Corporation. This pioneer work led the USDA to award a contract for the develop and validation testing method for FTNIR in a Government project dealing with a new vaccine.
  • Versatile, cross-functional industry leader with a clear direction, passion and drive to excel in a rapidly changing nutraceutical/pharmaceutical industry.

Career History and Professional Experience

  • Founder, President, CEO and Executive Scientist of All American Pharmaceutical, Billings Montana.
  • Founder of American Distribution & Billings Fulfillment, Inc, Billings.
  • Awarded a business grant from the Montana Department of Commerce Board of Research and Commercialization.
  • Sponsor/Investigator: KarboLyn clinical study in normal and pre-diabetics.
  • Principal investigator in a U.S.A. adult arthritis study.
  • Investigator and sponsor in a Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) clinical study, conducted in Bulgarian.
  • Filed for and received an FDA Orphan Drug designation for Kre-Celazine® in Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (pediatric population).
  • Renewal of business grant from the Montana Department of Commerce Board of Research and Commercialization.
  • Principal Investigator in human trials of new experimental antilipidemic compound.
  • New business grant from the Montana Department of Commerce Board of Research and Commercialization for KarboLyn homopolysaccharide study in normal and pre-diabetics adults.
  • Developed and received the first US manufacturing patent on a stable creatine (Kre-Alkalyn).

Publications, Conference Speaker, and Awards


  • Kre-Celazine® a Viable Treatment for Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis/Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis - A Pilot Study. Journal of Medicinal Foods, 2014 (Web release ahead of publication schedule).
  • Crafting a Contract. Virgo Magazine, 2014
  • Transparency in Partnership. Virgo Magazine, 2014
  • A Single-Center, Double-Blind Placebo Controlled Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Kre-Celazine®, an Oral Buffered Creatine-Cetylated Fatty Acid Compound, in its Ability to Reduce Site-Specific Inflammation and Pain. JANA, 2009.
  • Are your herbs spiked. Jeff discovered many commercially used herbs were being spiked with synthetic drugs (i.e., Ma Haung). Jeff exposed the problem and developed a testing method to identify which herbs were “natural”, or spiked (adulterated).
  • The Dangers of Creatinine” 2006,
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Near Infrared Spectroscopic Evaluation of the Raw Ingredients for Health Foods and Nutritionals. Pittcon Conference paper.
  • Are your herbs spiked, again? Detection by NIR utilizing the BOM Cluster Analysis. Paper to Bran + Lubee user conference Buffalo Grove, IL.
    Published in Integrated Technical Solutions News Letter; Co-wrote with Cynthia Kradjel, Dr. Don Muller, Dr. Arnold Eilert.

Download Dr. Jeff Golini's Professional Bio Here
Download Dr. Jeff Golini's Sports Bio Here

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Chase Lanore

Chase LanoreChase LanoreChase Lanore

Director of Sales & New Business Development

Chase is a 24 year old college student studying at San Diego State University. He is majoring in Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy. His goal is to go on to a Physician's Assistant Masters program once completing his undergraduate degree. Having made the Deans List for the past two academic years, Chase does not take his education lightly. Compassion, curiosity, critical thinking, and a drive to succeed are all qualities Chase commands which will carry him on to a career practicing medicine.

Chase's Business background began when he was 13 selling products door to door in his neighborhood. This early start in what he did not then recognize as “sales” has led him down a path that has landed him in numerous start up companies which has allowed him to observe growth from the inside. Chase's interest in the human body as well as his background in business have made him an ideal fit for the needs of Super Human Radio.

In Chases free time he plays guitar and writes his own music. He is an exercise enthusiast who is passionate about rock climbing, cycling, swimming, and keeping his body, mind, and spirit healthy.


Alex Leaf

Alex LeafAlex LeafI am a second-year graduate student at Bastyr University, WA completing a Master of Science in Nutrition with Didactic Program in Dietetics (MSN/DPD). I am a huge advocate of a non-dogmatic approach to nutrition and believe that every nutritional plan needs to be tailored to the individual's unique needs, goals, and lifestyle. I believe that a combination of science and common-sense should always prevail over rigid, one-size-fits-all diets.

My goal is to become a registered dietitian nutritionist so that I may help others overcome their barriers, reclaim their health, and learn to prosper through something intimately tied to health – their diet. No other field has such special ties to food and nutrition, and it thus becomes their duty to clear away the ambiguity holding people back and help them achieve optimal wellbeing. This is my quest.

I am also a physical culturist at heart and a personal trainer certified through the American Council on Exercise. I follow a very active and health-conscious lifestyle, always trying to walk what I talk. I do believe that inactivity has warped almost every routine task - we sit when in lecture, we sit when we eat, we sit when we watch TV, and we sit when we travel. This type of sedentary lifestyle is depriving the human race of its right to decent health, and is a leading cause of many ailments.

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