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0 # Jane 2012-01-22 09:28
I totally agree with what you have said but we could not blame the person to stick with what she is doing. Cooking has been her passion. That's her life and that's what she enjoyed doing.
0 # Aaron harris 2012-01-20 13:53
Actually, Carl, I recall you discussing Paula Deen when you had Dave Ruel, author of Anabolic Cookbook, on your show some time in 2010. You essentially said that she is likely taking blood pressure meds, glucose controlling meds, etc... You said the same about famed chef Emeril Lagesse.

This was all in the context of trying to answer the question: why are these examples of unhealthy people being accepted as trusted sources of nutritional knowledge? Why aren't people like Dave Ruel, and others who promote healthy recipes, on national TV with their own cooking shows?

Can't wait to see if you discuss this on casual friday... thanks for reading. -ABH

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