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Paula Deen Kills

Paula Deen, The Pied Piper Of Chronic Disease And Death


Paula Deen announced to the world that she has Type 2 Diabetes. I predicted this announcement last year on an episode of Super Human Radio wheregty_paula_deen_dm_120117_wg1gty_paula_deen_dm_120117_wg1 we dedicated a segment to Paula.

Deen teaches people, not how to cook, but how to develop chronic disease and a path to an early grave. The problem with all of this is that she, and her audience, will burden this country with the financial weight of their bad nutritional decision by burdening and already financially exhausted healthcare system.

Obesity and the diseases associated with it are the single largest threat to our economic security. We will collapse under the weight of the health care system trying to care for all of the people out there who, like Deen, choose to get ill.

That’s right, I said choose to get ill.

Her followers who cook and eat according to her recommendations are causing their own illnesses just as sure as the person who decides to smoke and keep on smoking, will eventually develop diseases associate with tobacco use.

I suggest the cooking channel where Deen does her show distance itself from the fallout by placing a Black Box Warning on the intro of Deen’s show. It could go like this “Eating foods depicted on this show will lead to obesity and chronic disease. This show is intended for entertainment purposes only.  No one should eat this food on a regular basis or your health will suffer. Just ask Paula.” I also suggest Health Insurers add a screening question to their application – “Do you watch or have you watched Paula Deen’s cooking show in the past 12 months?” – A great risk assessment question. Ok, enough joking around, because this is really not a funny matter. Deen influences millions of people.

Now for those of you who expected Deen to do a mea culpa and say she was going to change her direction.. shame on you. She can’t give up her niche. She has to stick to her guns and keep pushing the pro-inflammatory, inulinogenic, unhealthy stuff that has built her empire and her illness. Instead, as I predicted on my show, she will take Anti-Diabetic drugs so she live as a broken human being masking her symptoms.

The fact that she has “teamed up” with Novo Nordisc so she can continue to “enjoy life” while managing her disease is one of the biggest examples of ignorance I have ever seen. Novo Nordisc has been looking for a spokesperson like Deen. This is a huge coop for them. But a huge step back for her entire impressionable uninformed audience who are following Deen to an early grave preceded by hours spent in doctor’s waiting rooms. She is the proverbial pied piper leading her flock right into the jaws of chronic disease. Shame on you Paula.

Deene’s diseases will continue to mount while she “enjoys herself”. Complications due to her Diabetes will affect her blood pressure, heart, kidneys, cholesterol , inflammation, cognitive function, etc. Oh but not to worry as she will just add pharmaceutical drugs so she can continue to “enjoy life” and help multiple Pharmaceutical companies while making a big financial payday for herself.

Deen has Type 2 Diabetes which can be completely reversed and cured in 6 months in 90% of cases. But she wouldn’t be able to eat the poison recipes she pushes now.

Instead of taking the low road, Deen could have chosen to be a role model for millions of American’s I call the walking-dead. She could have used her culinary talents to find ways to create recipes that DON’T contribute to the development and progression of Type 2 Diabetes. She could have created a spin-off show that displays her beating her daemons through lifestyle changes like exercise, proper sleep and supplementation. She could have helped millions of American’s find the courage to cure themselves of this easily reversible illness. She would have gone down in history as a hero. Instead she will go done in history as the person who gave us the Deep-Fried-Doughnut-Hero that lead to the development of chronic disease in millions of her fans.


0 # Jane 2012-01-22 09:28
I totally agree with what you have said but we could not blame the person to stick with what she is doing. Cooking has been her passion. That's her life and that's what she enjoyed doing.
0 # Aaron harris 2012-01-20 13:53
Actually, Carl, I recall you discussing Paula Deen when you had Dave Ruel, author of Anabolic Cookbook, on your show some time in 2010. You essentially said that she is likely taking blood pressure meds, glucose controlling meds, etc... You said the same about famed chef Emeril Lagesse.

This was all in the context of trying to answer the question: why are these examples of unhealthy people being accepted as trusted sources of nutritional knowledge? Why aren't people like Dave Ruel, and others who promote healthy recipes, on national TV with their own cooking shows?

Can't wait to see if you discuss this on casual friday... thanks for reading. -ABH

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