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Hey David Zinczenko, Read This Not That....

I'm listening to David Zinczenko, Editor In Chief of Men's Health magazine and Author of the wildly publicised book "Eat This, Not That" on the Today Show giving his pearls of nutritional advice. It will never cease to amaze me that if anyone is willing to:
davidzinczenko1davidzinczenko1 a)agree with the nutritional-advice- Du jour espoused by the modern Dietetic Orthodoxy and b) suggest the message that a person need not "diet" to lose weight and get healthy. 


Zinczenko is lock-stepped in the "calories in" and "avoid fat" mantra which has lead this nation to its current status of chronic disease and amorphic size. He suggests abandoning one food because it contains too many calories and a days worth of saturated fat and suggest replacing it with a meal higher in refined carbohydrates and less protein and calories. In some cases he suggests one fast-food item with very high fat content be compared to a foot tall stack of pancakes. Does he really think fat and refined processed carbohydrates react the same in the body and can be compared? Really?


I have a suggestion for Zinczenko. Before you write another best selling book and fill the minds of the population with  more misinformation that will keep them careening down the Chronic Disease highway....

Read this...gcbc1gcbc1  Not that...low-fat-handbook-american-dietetic-association-paperback-cover-art1low-fat-handbook-american-dietetic-association-paperback-cover-art1

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