Chase Lanore

Chase LanoreChase LanoreChase Lanore

Director of Sales & New Business Development

Chase is a 24 year old college student studying at San Diego State University. He is majoring in Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy. His goal is to go on to a Physician's Assistant Masters program once completing his undergraduate degree. Having made the Deans List for the past two academic years, Chase does not take his education lightly. Compassion, curiosity, critical thinking, and a drive to succeed are all qualities Chase commands which will carry him on to a career practicing medicine.

Chase's Business background began when he was 13 selling products door to door in his neighborhood. This early start in what he did not then recognize as “sales” has led him down a path that has landed him in numerous start up companies which has allowed him to observe growth from the inside. Chase's interest in the human body as well as his background in business have made him an ideal fit for the needs of Super Human Radio.

In Chases free time he plays guitar and writes his own music. He is an exercise enthusiast who is passionate about rock climbing, cycling, swimming, and keeping his body, mind, and spirit healthy.


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