Bumper Plates: The New Celebrity Prop

First it was Hugh Jackman. Now it's Joey Manganiello, Sophia Vergara's beau. Recently Jackman was photographed doing a 1410953039353 Wps 24 Joe Manganiello JoeMangandeadlift of somehwere in the upper 300 pound range. Due to the number of bumper plates it looked like he was pulling 600+ pounds! Now don't get me wrong, 300 pounds is a respectabel pull. So why make it look like more? Oh yeah.. It's Hollywood. Land of illusion.

Just now on GMA they showed a photo of Joey Manganiello, Sophia Vergara's beau, doing curls with an Olympic bar. He had a 10Kg bumper plate on each side. The hosts of the show went on about how strong and ripped he is and how hard he trains. He's doing curls with 89 pounds. Again a respectsble weight. But with the bumper plates it gives the illusion of much more weight.

Ok, maybe I'm just being a whinny baby, but come on. He could have used 25 pound plates but it wouldn't have looked as impressive.

In my mind bumper plates are reserved for Olympic Lifts.. and now Cross Fit which uses many Olympic Lifts. Not barbell curls.

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