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Women Should Not Strive For Thigh Gap

Women Should Not Strive For Thigh Gap

I've said it many times that all weight loss is not good weight loss. Just ask the terminally ill person who suffers from cachexia which ends up threatening their lives as much as the illness that is causing it. The sign of health and youth is a robust strong body. The sign of aging is a withering frail body.

Lately Alisa and I have been hearing about women who strive for thigh-gap. Unless you are anatomically structured with very wide hips, thigh gap may not be achievable. But more importantly, why would one strive to lose upper leg muscle so that the legs are so withered they create this unhealthy looking separation? Ok.. I know.. many "models" have thigh gap. My point exactly. They're not examples of health! They eat tissue paper not to gain weight!

Above are two pictures. The one on the left is IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor Ashley Kaltwasser. On the right is an image that has been used to show an example of "good" thigh-gap. Now I ask you.. which looks healthy? Which looks strong? Which looks withered and frail? Which one would you strive to look like? Which one would you like your partner to have?

Thigh gap is not good. It's not healthy. And the loss of upper leg muscle will come back to haunt a women as they age.

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