What I've learned on my birthday

What I've learned on my birthday

I have to thank so many of you for your birthday wishes. I am overwhelmed.. and as a result of the outpouring of kindness, I realized something.

I received a cosmic gift this year for my 58th birthday. Maybe I knew it intelligently in the past but the role of realization is to bond what we "know" to emotions that make it "real"... to allow us to take action using this knowledge. I realized that  when I focus on the 90% of what's right in my life and not the 10% that's not how I would like it to be... I have a great life with lots to be thankful for. And this weekend I lived in that gratitude. I didn't do anything extraordinary by most birthday standards.. spent the day with the most amazing and generous woman whom I love.. laid out by the pool and worshiped the sun.. went to dinner with a small gathering of friends.. laughed a lot.. drank a little.. danced to Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes. Little stuff.. stuff that gets overlooked compared to today standards of excess.. yet I can say I had the best birthday I've had in many years that i can remember.

I received an outpouring of birthday wishes from friends all over the world. Too many to be able to thank individually so if you're reading this know that your wishes did not go unnoticed. 

I wish for each and every one of you what I received this year. I wish for you to see the 90% of your life that's perfect. The 90% of your body that's perfect. I wish for you to stop waiting for the 10% that you're not happy with to change. To stop focusing on the 10% of your life that's not where you want it to be. To start to take credit for, and enjoy, the 90% that's worth all of your attention. All of a sudden simple moments seem priceless..

Why do we give the 10% so much more attention than it deserves? If anything it deserves 10% of your attention. But it gets 90%. Stop that. Today I feel excited and hopeful for what's to come next. Because when you focus on the 90% that's perfect.. you realize you're a lot better at manifesting good in your life than you give yourself credit for.

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