Why Non-24 Is a Bull$#!t Diagnosis

Why Non-24 Is a Bull$#!t Diagnosis
A listener of Super Human Radio called the studio to ask about a supplement we talked about on an older show. I learned during the conversation that he lost his sight as a young boy. I thought to ask him a question that has occupied my mind lately. Every time I see the commercial for the pharmaceutical drug called Hetlioz made by Vanda Pharmaceutical. I asked him “have you ever used the drug for non-24?”. He said no but a gal he knows has and she didn’t like it. It made her feel ill and didn’t improve her sleep one bit. I have no idea what it’s like to be blind so I asked him “why not just use melatonin?” He began to laugh and said that’s what he does. Non-24 is a bull$#!t diagnosis. Not because it doesn't exists. Because it doesn't require a pharmaceutical drug to treat it! A...
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