Autism: A Ripple That Started Decades Ago

There is no doubt in my mind that the current epidemic of Autism Spectrum Disorder is the cumulative effect of decades of living with theThe Ripples Of EpigeneticsThe Ripples Of Epigenetics  belief that we are smarter than nature. As a population, we Americans are the worst offenders. Believing that our dietary habits, addiction to sugar, use of chemicals in our foods, production of neurotoxin products, lust for creature comforts that are counter to our genetic make up - like living in a soup of Radio Frequencies - will not take a toll on health, is pure arrogance.


When I talk about the potential dangers of GMO foods on the show I always state that the real damage will not be seen until OUR children have children. This Epigenetic model is what we are seeing today with the ever-unfolding increases in Autism and other neurological deficiencies in our children. These wheels were set in motion when our parents, and then we, took up the cause of drenching our bodies in foreign agents, embraced obesity, abused our sleep, willingly turned to pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs, took the word of the FDA that a little bit of a bad thing is OK. 


Here we are today with the challenges of what to do with a growing portion of our population that may not be able to care for itself. And its going to get worst before it gets better. The masses do not understand that what they do to themselves today will show up in their grandchildren tomorrow.


Each one of us are like a droplet of water falling into a still pond. We send ripples out into the expanse of Epigenetic time. The ripples will reach our descendants. If we all start making better decisions today, tomorrows child will be better off.



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