A Quick Look at Vegan Bodybuilding Part of the Internet

A Quick Look at Vegan Bodybuilding Part of the Internet

So while taking my morning stroll through the internet’s stories and social media post;  I decided to stop by the world of vegan bodybuilding.  I wasn’t looking to pick a fight, but I just wanted to know more of them, and what they talk about.  I was a vegetarian myself for 5 years but I wasn’t’ into bodybuilding (I was actually into distance running).  Here some take-aways.

  1. Folks confuse building a physique with losing weight.  I saw several before and after photos that were simply, “good cuts.”  The guys/girls were ripped but had no more muscle than they started out with.
  2. If you eat enough plant protein- you “must” be able to maintain some sort of muscle.  Though this is far from optimal – if you’re not trying to build much; something is working right (sort of).  Some use soy protein, pea protein, hemp protein, or a combination of them all.
  3. Genetics, Genetics, Genetics.  Just like some folks can eat a ton of meat protein and grow like crazy – I bet there are some folks can cut out meat and loose minimal muscle while others will lose allllllllll muscle. Lol   Also, there were some guys who built their physiques off of meat proteins but stopped in fear of “wrecking” their bodies.  It’s kind of hard to classify them as vegan bodybuilders.  I mean if a person builds a physique off of steroids- he’s already benefited.  He can’t truly be considered natural.

Ultimately we’re all on trying to obtain ultimate health and physiques.   While I believe a vegan lifestyle is ridiculous- I do understand the people who are vegans have good intentions.  As the saying goes; “We agree to disagree.” 

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0 # Dante 2015-11-14 15:19
You were a vegan for 5 years and said "I believe a vegan lifestyle is ridiculous" how did you come to that conclusion? You would think you would have came to that conclusion before 5 years of it.
With that said I am not a vegan. I LOVE MEAT! No homo
+1 # Kahn Santori Davison 2015-11-16 09:59
You are right. However; when I was vegetarian/vega n I was 23 years old with absolutely no idea of what “good health” was. In those 5 years of not eating meat I did more to harm my health than enhance my health. It took another 4 years (and a health scare) to re-evaluate everything I knew and didn’t know about health and fitness and that was the actually beginning to my journey into the fitness culture.

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