Air pollution linked to hardening of the arteries 26 April 2013
Battling with bugs to prevent antibiotic resistance 26 April 2013
Achilles tendon injuries more likely in male 'Weekend Warriors' than others 26 April 2013
Guelph Scientists Develop First Vaccine to Help Control Autism-Associated Bacteria 26 April 2013
Facebook interests could help predict, track and map obesity 26 April 2013
Roundworm quells obesity and related metabolic disorders 26 April 2013
UCSB researcher studies hormone levels and sexual motivation among young women 26 April 2013
Forced exercise may still protect against anxiety and stress, says CU-Boulder study 26 April 2013
Coffee may help prevent breast cancer returning, study finds 26 April 2013
Pitt team finds melatonin delays ALS symptom onset and death in mice 26 April 2013
Metabolic disorders predict the hardening of the arterial walls already in childhood 26 April 2013
Cleveland Clinic research shows gut bacteria byproduct predicts heart attack and stroke 26 April 2013
Dietary medium chain triglycerides prevent nonalcoholic fatty liver disease 26 April 2013
As people live longer and reproduce less, natural selection keeps up 26 April 2013
Binge eating curbed by deep brain stimulation in animal model, Penn study shows 26 April 2013
BUSM study reveals novel mechanism by which UVA contributes to photoaging of skin 26 April 2013
Sunshine hormone, vitamin D, may offer hope for treating liver fibrosis 26 April 2013
Researchers make a significant step forward in combating antibiotic resistance 26 April 2013
New dietary analysis tool for athletes debuts 26 April 2013
Is food truly addictive? 26 April 2013
More evidence berries have health-promoting properties 26 April 2013
Cutting back on sleep harms blood vessel function and breathing control 26 April 2013
Vitamin E identified as potential weapon against obesity 26 April 2013
Study Shows Reproductive Effects of Pesticide Exposure Span Generations 25 April 2013
Should kids sit less or move more? The answer from CHEO Research 25 April 2013
Nearly half of veterans found with blast concussions might have hormone deficiencies 25 April 2013
Joslin scientists advance understanding of human brown adipose tissue and grow new cells 25 April 2013
Drug reduces fat by blocking blood vessels 25 April 2013
Your body's microbiome has a unique 'fingerprint' 25 April 2013
Epigenetic changes shed light on biological mechanism of autism 25 April 2013
New research points to benefits of eggs, even for those at cardiovascular risk 25 April 2013
'Love handles' melt away at the push of a button 25 April 2013
New studies explore mango's potential health-affirming properties 25 April 2013
Obese men at high risk for prostate cancer even after benign biopsy 25 April 2013
New studies examine caffeine's effect on cognitive tasks, food pairing 25 April 2013
Genetic circuit allows both individual freedom, collective good 25 April 2013
3 new studies reveal added fiber's impact on various health indices 25 April 2013
New data show that white potatoes increase intake of potassium 25 April 2013
Quit smoking? Vitamin E may give extra boost to heart health 25 April 2013
Pain, epigenetics and endometriosis 25 April 2013
Study: Physicians less likely to 'bond' with overweight patients 25 April 2013
40 percent of parents give young kids cough/cold medicine that they shouldn't 25 April 2013
Positive effect of white button mushrooms when substituted for meat on body weight and composition c 25 April 2013
Rise in sodium intake in US over last decade despite health officials' call for reduction 25 April 2013
Study: Low-dose aspirin stymies proliferation of 2 breast cancer lines 25 April 2013
Researchers discover mushrooms can provide as much vitamin D as supplements 25 April 2013
Shoulder Injuries in Baseball Pitchers Could be Prevented with 3-D Motion Detection System 25 April 2013
Genes behind obesity mapped in large-scale study 20 April 2013
Healthy doctors make healthy patients, study finds 20 April 2013
Diabetes trials worldwide are not addressing key issues in affected populations 20 April 2013
Vitamin D proven to boost energy -- from within the cells 20 April 2013
Fatheads: How neurons protect themselves against excess fat 20 April 2013
Link between obesity and polycystic ovary syndrome may be exaggerated 20 April 2013
Penn study finds increased sleep could reduce rate of adolescent obesity 20 April 2013
Adding intestinal enzyme to diets of mice appears to prevent, treat metabolic syndrome 20 April 2013
Cleveland Clinic researchers discover new link between heart disease and red meat 20 April 2013
Do cells in the blood, heart and lungs smell the food we eat? 20 April 2013
The adult generations of today are less healthy than their counterparts of previous generations 20 April 2013
AACR news: Studies show increasing evidence that androgen drives breast cancer 20 April 2013
Doctors not informed of harmful effects of medicines during sales visits 20 April 2013
The relationship between prenatal stress and obesity is confirmed in rats 20 April 2013
Iceman Ötzi had bad teeth 20 April 2013
Modest population-wide weight loss could result in reductions in Type 2 diabetes and cardio disease 20 April 2013
Omega-3 fatty acids more effective at inhibiting growth of triple-negative breast cancer 20 April 2013
Cancers don't sleep: The Myc oncogene can disrupt circadian rhythm 20 April 2013
New evidence that natural substances in green coffee beans help control blood sugar levels 20 April 2013
Vitamin D may reduce risk of uterine fibroids, according to NIH study 20 April 2013
Following a Western style diet may lead to greater risk of premature death 20 April 2013
No evidence drugs, vitamins, supplements help prevent cognitive decline in healthy older adults 20 April 2013
Cholesterol increases risk of Alzheimer's and heart disease 20 April 2013
Impact of portion size on overeating is hard to overcome 20 April 2013
High heart rate at rest signals higher risk of death even in fit healthy people 20 April 2013
Drinking cup of beetroot juice daily may help lower blood pressure 20 April 2013
Preventing cognitive decline in healthy seniors 19 April 2013
C-peptide levels linked to death and heart disease in nondiabetic adults 19 April 2013
Smartphone way to lose weight 19 April 2013
Laser liposuction melts fat, results in tighter skin 19 April 2013
Genetic discovery found to influence obesity in people of African ancestry 19 April 2013
Mount Sinai study identifies new gene variations associated with heart rate 19 April 2013
Dual energy CT accurately identifies ACL tears in emergency department 19 April 2013
Reactivating memories during sleep 19 April 2013
Scientists map elusive 3-D structure of telomerase enzyme, key actor in cancer, aging 19 April 2013
L-carnitine significantly improves patient outcomes following heart attack 19 April 2013
Exercise or make dinner? Study finds adults trade one healthy act for another 19 April 2013
Why do people with apple-shaped bodies have an increased risk of kidney disease? 19 April 2013
Weight loss surgery not only shrinks waists but also affects genes 19 April 2013
Revealing the scientific secrets of why people can't stop after eating one potato chip 19 April 2013
Co-Q10 deficiency may relate to statin drugs, diabetes risk 19 April 2013
CPAP improves work productivity for sleep apnea patients 19 April 2013
CU-Boulder study looks at microbial differences between parents, kids and dogs 19 April 2013
Researchers identify and block protein that interferes with appetite-suppressing hormone 19 April 2013
Few breast cancer survivors maintain adequate physical activity despite benefits 19 April 2013
Famous performers and sportsmen tend to have shorter lives, new study reports 19 April 2013
Hair analysis reveals elevated stress hormone levels raise cardiovascular risk 19 April 2013
Common osteoporosis drug slows formation of new bone 19 April 2013
Cell-permeable peptide shows promise for controlling cardiovascular disease 19 April 2013
Intense, specialized training in young athletes linked to serious overuse injuries 19 April 2013
High-salt diet and ulcer bug combine to increase risk of cancer 19 April 2013
Vanderbilt study finds lack of exercise not a factor in health disparities 19 April 2013
Study says more efforts needed to regulate dietary supplements 19 April 2013

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