Ginger compounds may be effective in treating asthma symptoms 19 May 2013
Novel study reports marijuana users have better blood sugar control 19 May 2013
The search for an early biomarker to fight atherosclerosis 18 May 2013
Don't judge the nutrient content of white vegetables by color alone 18 May 2013
Getting a grip on sleep 18 May 2013
Endothelium, heal thyself 18 May 2013
Global health policy fails to address burden of disease on men 18 May 2013
Changes in brain chemistry sustain obesity 18 May 2013
Jekyll into Hyde: Breathing auto emissions turns HDL cholesterol from 'good' to 'bad' 18 May 2013
Cholesterol-Lowering Drug May Reduce Exercise Benefits for Obese Adults, MU Study Finds 18 May 2013
Body fat hardens arteries after middle age 18 May 2013
Body mass index of low income African-Americans linked to proximity of fast food restaurants 18 May 2013
Individuals who drink heavily and smoke may show 'early aging' of the brain 18 May 2013
Expert questions US public health agency advice on influenza vaccines 18 May 2013
Gene involved in neurodegeneration keeps clock running 18 May 2013
Fish oil may stall effects of junk food on brain 18 May 2013
Getting fit in middle age can reduce heart failure risk 18 May 2013
New research shows what raises and lowers blood pressure: Cell phones, salt and saying om 18 May 2013
Work-related stress linked to increased blood fat levels 18 May 2013
New study recommends using active videogaming ('exergaming') to improve children's health 18 May 2013
Texas A&M study: Prehistoric ear bones could lead to evolutionary answers 13 May 2013
Sunshine could benefit health and prolong life, study suggests 13 May 2013
Soy and tomato combo may be effective in preventing prostate cancer 13 May 2013
Carnitine supplement may improve survival rates of children with heart defects 13 May 2013
Study on coumarin in cinnamon and cinnamon-based products 13 May 2013
Whole walnuts and their extracted oil improve cardiovascular disease risk 13 May 2013
For adolescents, Subway food may not be much healthier than McDonald's, UCLA study finds 13 May 2013
Study links diet with daytime sleepiness and alertness in healthy adults 13 May 2013
5,000 steps a day to avoid paying higher health insurance costs? When money talks, people walk 13 May 2013
Agent Orange exposure linked to life-threatening prostate cancer 13 May 2013
Early infant growth rate linked to composition of gut microbiota 13 May 2013
Discovery shows fat triggers rheumatoid arthritis 13 May 2013
Could eating peppers prevent Parkinson's? 13 May 2013
Rejuvenating hormone found to reverse symptoms of heart failure 13 May 2013
Air pollution increases risk of insulin resistance in children 13 May 2013
Pets may help reduce your risk of heart disease 13 May 2013
Elevated cadmium levels linked to disease 13 May 2013
How state and local governments can address the obesity epidemic 13 May 2013
Exercise for patients with major depression -- What kind, how intense, how often? 13 May 2013
Research reveals possible reason for cholesterol-drug side effects 13 May 2013
Differences between 'marathon mice' and 'couch potato mice' reveal key to muscle fitness 13 May 2013
Scientists sequence genome of 'sacred lotus,' which likely holds anti-aging secrets 13 May 2013
Job stress, unhealthy lifestyle increase risk of coronary artery disease 13 May 2013
Serotonin Mediates Exercise-Induced Generation of New Neurons 13 May 2013
Protecting the heart health of diabetic patients 07 May 2013
Sleep problems may increase risk for prostate cancer 07 May 2013
Magnesium may be as important to kids' bone health as calcium 07 May 2013
Childhood obesity starts at home 07 May 2013
Boosting 'cellular garbage disposal' can delay the aging process, UCLA biologists report 07 May 2013
Ubiquitous engineered nanomaterials cause lung inflammation, study finds 07 May 2013
The nocebo effect: media reports may trigger symptoms of a disease 07 May 2013
Short-term food deprivation appears linked to high-calorie food options 07 May 2013
Exercise-related changes in estrogen metabolism may lower breast cancer risk 07 May 2013
Nutritional quality at fast-food restaurants still needs improvement 07 May 2013
The brain-gut connection: A link between depression and common hospital-acquired infection 07 May 2013
Silk and cellulose biologically effective for use in stem cell cartilage repair 07 May 2013
Study evaluates effect of different supplements on reducing risk of progression to advanced AMD 07 May 2013
New mouse model confirms how type 2 diabetes develops 03 May 2013
'Oil for the joints' offers hope for osteoarthritis sufferers 03 May 2013
Increases in heart disease risk factors may decrease brain function 02 May 2013
Troubling levels of toxic metals found in lipstick 02 May 2013
Conversion from bad fat to good fat 02 May 2013
Cardio could hold key to cancer cure 02 May 2013
Weight loss programs via virtual reality 02 May 2013
National survey highlights perceived importance of dietary protein to prevent weight gain 02 May 2013
Growing new arteries, bypassing blocked ones 02 May 2013
Brain region may hold key to aging 02 May 2013
Study identifies genes, pathways altered during relaxation response practice 02 May 2013
More evidence suggests eating omega 3s and avoiding meat, dairy linked to preserving memory 02 May 2013
Cochrane review finds no benefit of evening primrose oil for treating eczema 02 May 2013
Study suggests US children born outside the United States have lower risk of allergic disease 02 May 2013
Obesity in early 20s curbs chances of reaching middle age 02 May 2013
Study identifies key shift in the brain that creates drive to overeat 02 May 2013
Resistant starch content of potatoes varies significantly by preparation and service method 02 May 2013
Shedding light on the long shadow of childhood adversity 02 May 2013
Gastric bypass surgery alters hormones to relieve diabetes symptoms 02 May 2013
Low HDL-cholesterol -- not quantity, but quality 02 May 2013
Taking cholesterol-lowering drugs may also reduce the risk of dying from prostate cancer, study find 02 May 2013
Vitamin D: More may not be better 02 May 2013
Gene variant appears to predict weight loss after gastric bypass 02 May 2013
Children with milk allergy may be 'allergic to school' 02 May 2013
Dehydration is a problem in combat sports 02 May 2013
Newly-discovered human fat cell opens up new opportunities for future treatment of obesity 02 May 2013
Unethical advertising at launch of antidepressants 02 May 2013
Study uncovers mechanism for how grapes reduce heart failure associated with hypertension 02 May 2013
Increased risk of heart attack and death with progressive coronary artery calcium buildup 02 May 2013
Change diet, exercise habits at same time for best results, Stanford study says 01 May 2013
Menu labels displaying amount of exercise needed to burn calories show benefits 01 May 2013
Missing link in Parkinson's disease found 01 May 2013
Forthcoming study explores use of intermittent fasting in diabetes as cardiovascular disease 01 May 2013
HRT improves muscle function 01 May 2013
Study finds possible alternative to bariatric weight loss surgery 01 May 2013
Identification of stem cells raises possibility of new therapies 01 May 2013
Outdoor recess time can reduce the risk of nearsightedness in children 01 May 2013
'Catastrophic' malpractice payouts add little to health care's rising costs 01 May 2013
Gastric bypass findings could lead to diabetes treatment 01 May 2013
Reflections on chevaline 01 May 2013
What do Ob/Gyns in training learn about menopause? Not nearly enough, new study suggests 01 May 2013
Targeting prescribers can reduce excessive use of antibiotics in hospitals 01 May 2013
New stats: Plastic surgery trend has women armed for spring and summer 01 May 2013

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