Bariatric surgery restores nerve cell properties altered by diet 17 June 2013
Artificial Sweetener a Potential Treatment for Parkinson's Disease 17 June 2013
Spanish researchers writing in cell describe the 9 hallmarks of aging 11 June 2013
Do antidepressants impair the ability to extinguish fear? 11 June 2013
Brain circuits link obsessive-compulsive behavior and obesity 11 June 2013
Substances from African medicinal plants could help stop tumor growth 11 June 2013
Men with prostate cancer should eat healthy vegetable fats 11 June 2013
Vegetable Oil IS Good for You, MU Researcher Says 11 June 2013
Alzheimer's and low blood sugar in diabetes may trigger a vicious cycle 11 June 2013
Early exposure to bisphenol A might damage the enamel of teeth. 11 June 2013
Lifespan-extending drug given late in life reverses age-related heart disease in mice 11 June 2013
High Sugar Intake Linked To Low Dopamine Release in Insulin Resistant Patients 11 June 2013
Investigation into safety of new diabetes drugs -- will manufacturers release their data? 11 June 2013
Reducing unnecessary and high-dose pediatric CT scans could cut associated cancers by 62 percent 11 June 2013
Genetic research clarifies link between hypertension and vitamin D deficiency 11 June 2013
A potential new target to thwart antibiotic resistance 11 June 2013
Screening fails to affect breast cancer mortality statistics 11 June 2013
Sleep apnea increases risk of sudden cardiac death 11 June 2013
Epigenetic factor likely plays a key role in fueling most common childhood cancer 11 June 2013
Study finds obese mothers program their kids to be fat, but legacy can be overturned 11 June 2013
Obesity can be predicted from infancy, CWRU researchers find 11 June 2013
Scientists map the wiring of the biological clock 06 June 2013
Doctors should screen for frailty to prevent deaths 06 June 2013
A 20-minute bout of yoga stimulates brain function immediately after 06 June 2013
Higher State Health Spending Positively Correlates to Higher Obesity Rates, MU Study Finds 06 June 2013
Formula-feeding linked to metabolic stress and increased risk of later disease 06 June 2013
New research shows cheese may prevent cavities 06 June 2013
Obese mums may pass health risks on to grandchildren 06 June 2013
Sleep study finds important gender differences among heart patients 06 June 2013
Vitamin D deficiency may help spread of hepatitis B throughout liver 06 June 2013
Fear: A justified response or faulty wiring? 06 June 2013
Evidence mounts that 4 lifestyle changes will protect heart, reduce your risk of death 06 June 2013
Turning point for early human diets occurred 3.5 million years ago 06 June 2013
Serum iron levels may be causally associated with Parkinson's disease risk 06 June 2013
Feeling happy or sad changes oral perceptions of fat for mildly depressed individuals 06 June 2013
Circadian rhythms control body’s response to intestinal infections, UCI-led study finds 04 June 2013
Musculoskeletal conditions, injuries may be associated with statin use 04 June 2013
Study: Companies pay almost $6,000 extra per year for each employee who smokes 04 June 2013
Study links workplace daylight exposure to sleep, activity and quality of life 04 June 2013
Study suggests that night work may impair glucose tolerance 04 June 2013
Harvard development expert: Agricultural innovation offers only path to feed Africa and the world 04 June 2013
An altered gut microbiota can predict diabetes 04 June 2013
Smoking, Sugar, Spirits and 'Sin' Taxes: Higher Price Would Help Health, Mayo Clinic Doctors Say 04 June 2013
Are Smartphones Disrupting Your Sleep? Mayo Clinic Study Examines the Question 04 June 2013
Sleep deprived men over perceive women’s sexual interest and intent 04 June 2013
Elite athletes often shine sooner or later -- but not both 04 June 2013
Obese patients trust diet advice from overweight physicians more than normal-weight physicians 04 June 2013
Heart Health Matters to Your Brain 04 June 2013
Anxious? Activate Your Anterior Cingulate Cortex With a Little Meditation 04 June 2013
Lose Weight Between Babies, SLU Study Suggests 04 June 2013
Early life risk factors and racial/ethnic disparities in childhood obesity 04 June 2013
For some men, it's 'T' time -- test or no test 04 June 2013
Patients with type 2 diabetes or hypertension must be evaluated for sleep apnea 04 June 2013
A reduction in BMI improves insulin sensitivity in obese teens 04 June 2013
Epigenetic biomarkers may predict if a specific diet and exercise regimen will work 30 May 2013
Omega-3 fatty acids may help heal a broken heart 30 May 2013
Study: Pedometer program helps motivate participants to sit less, move more 30 May 2013
It's not your imagination: Memory gets muddled at menopause 29 May 2013
Changing gut bacteria through diet affects brain function, UCLA study shows 29 May 2013
Children of long-lived parents less likely to get cancer 29 May 2013
Hormone levels may provide key to understanding psychological disorders in women 29 May 2013
Childhood abuse linked with food addiction in adult women 29 May 2013
Walking or bicycling to work influenced by others 29 May 2013
UCI researchers find sea anemone venom-derived compound effective in anti-obesity studies 29 May 2013
Tobacco companies are not public health stakeholders 29 May 2013
Meta-analysis: Bug and weed killers, solvents may increase risk of Parkinson's disease 29 May 2013
Heart failure accelerates male 'menopause' 29 May 2013
First drug to improve heart failure mortality in over a decade 29 May 2013
Study finds vitamin C can kill drug-resistant TB 23 May 2013
Breakup of physician, drug company relationship could improve health care, cut cost 23 May 2013
Anabolic steroids may affect future mental health 23 May 2013
Slowing the aging process -- only with antibiotics 23 May 2013
Penn study shows how immune system peacefully co-exists with 'good' bacteria 23 May 2013
Study finds air pollution and noise pollution increase cardiovascular risk 23 May 2013
OSA is associated with less visceral fat accumulation in women than men 23 May 2013
Gym class reduces probability of obesity, study finds for first time 23 May 2013
The compound in the Mediterranean diet that makes cancer cells 'mortal' 23 May 2013
Do salamanders hold the solution to regeneration? 23 May 2013
New study suggests candy consumption frequency not linked to obesity or heart disease 23 May 2013
Reducing caloric intake delays nerve cell loss 23 May 2013
Dietary advice on added sugar is damaging our health, warns heart expert 23 May 2013
Atherosclerotic disease heredity mapped in nationwide study 23 May 2013
Treatment of sleep apnea improves glucose levels in prediabetes 23 May 2013
Novel Approach for Influenza Vaccination Shows Promise in Early Animal Testing 23 May 2013
Depression linked to telomere enzyme, aging, chronic disease 23 May 2013
The world's favorite fruit only better-tasting and longer-lasting 23 May 2013
UC Santa Barbara scientists discover cinnamon compounds' potential ability to prevent Alzheimer's 23 May 2013
Child maltreatment increases risk of adult obesity 23 May 2013
Women's immune systems remain younger for longer 23 May 2013
Schools should provide students with daily physical activity, IOM recommends 23 May 2013
Cradle turns smartphone into handheld biosensor 23 May 2013
Addiction to unhealthy foods could help explain the global obesity epidemic 23 May 2013
How Healthy Are You For Your Age? 23 May 2013
Fish oil supplements may help fight against Type 2 diabetes 23 May 2013
Study links chemicals widely found in plastics and processed food to elevated blood pressure in chil 23 May 2013
Overeating learned in infancy, study suggests 23 May 2013
Alleviating hunger in the US -- researcher says, it's a SNAP 23 May 2013
Calcium supplements linked to longer lifespans in women 23 May 2013
Common Food Supplement Fights Degenerative Brain Disorders 23 May 2013
Study finds that sleep apnea and Alzheimer's are linked 19 May 2013

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