New research shows benefit of interval training for women 30 August 2013
Report proposes microbiology's grand challenge to help feed the world 30 August 2013
Low inflammation may explain healthy metabolic status in some obese people 30 August 2013
Joslin scientists identify genetic variant associated with coronary heart disease in type 2 diabetes 30 August 2013
Broccoli could be key in the fight against osteoarthritis 30 August 2013
'Safe' levels of environmental pollution may have long-term health consequences 30 August 2013
Dueling infections: 1 keeps the other at bay, say UCSB anthropologists 30 August 2013
Researchers identify new drug target for treating jet lag and shift work disorders 30 August 2013
Balancing Act: Cell Senescence, Aging Related to Epigenetic Changes 30 August 2013
Oral nutritional supplements demonstrate significant health and cost benefits 30 August 2013
BUSM Researchers Call for Individualized Criteria for Diagnosing Obesity 30 August 2013
How hormones and microbes drive the gender bias in autoimmune diseases 26 August 2013
Mercury levels in Pacific fish likely to rise in coming decades 26 August 2013
Maintain, don't gain: A new way to fight obesity 26 August 2013
Immune system, skin microbiome 'complement' one another, finds Penn Medicine study 26 August 2013
Four or more cups of coffee a day may keep prostate cancer recurrence and progression away 26 August 2013
Adapting to mainstream lowers diabetes risk in African-Americans 26 August 2013
High BPA levels in children associated with higher risk of obesity and abnormal waist circumference 23 August 2013
Chemophobia shouldn't be on the menu 23 August 2013
Watermelon juice relieves post-exercise muscle soreness 23 August 2013
Obesity kills more Americans than previously thought 23 August 2013
Coffee and tea may contribute to a healthy liver 23 August 2013
Calcium plus vitamin D supplementation does not reduce joint symptoms in postmenopausal women 23 August 2013
Fighting obesity with apps and websites 23 August 2013
Major study links aging gene to blood cancer 23 August 2013
Gut taste mechanisms are abnormal in diabetes sufferers 23 August 2013
Knockout mouse grows larger, but weaker, muscles 23 August 2013
Celery, artichokes contain flavonoids that kill human pancreatic cancer cells 23 August 2013
Study shows both a Mediterranean diet and diets low in available carbohydrates protect against type 22 August 2013
High cholesterol riskier for middle-aged men than women 22 August 2013
UNH Research: Post-Run Ice Baths Not Beneficial for Strength, Soreness 22 August 2013
3-D images show flame retardants can mimic estrogens in NIH study 22 August 2013
Low Childhood Conscientiousness Predicts Adult Obesity 22 August 2013
The skinny on cocaine 22 August 2013
Putting sleep disorders to bed 22 August 2013
Cognitive decline with age is normal, routine – but not inevitable 22 August 2013
Caesareans weaken gut microbiota and increase risk of allergies 22 August 2013
Oxidative stress, mitochondrial damage and neurodegenerative diseases 22 August 2013
How to achieve a well-balanced gut 22 August 2013
Sanford-Burnham scientists identify key protein that modulates organismal aging 21 August 2013
Study reveals role of 'peacekeeper' in the gut 21 August 2013
A Home for the Microbiome 21 August 2013
Elevated levels of copper in amyloid plaques associated with neurodegeneration in mouse models of AD 21 August 2013
UCLA study suggests iron is at core of Alzheimer's disease 21 August 2013
Study implicates dopamine in food restriction, drug abuse 21 August 2013
Hitting the gym may help men avoid diet-induced erectile dysfunction 21 August 2013
Building better brain implants: The challenge of longevity 21 August 2013
Appetite hormone misfires in obese people 21 August 2013
Gestational diabetes tied to 7-fold increase in sleep apnea risk 21 August 2013
New Research Suggests Cutting Calories May Improve Response to Cancer Treatment 21 August 2013
Escape from Poverty Helps Explain Diabetes Epidemic in the American South 07 August 2013
Study reveals potential role of 'love hormone' oxytocin in brain function 07 August 2013
Sleep deprivation linked to junk food cravings 07 August 2013
Cancer research implies future for personalized medicine, reduction in animal testing 07 August 2013
Walking to work cuts risk of diabetes and high blood pressure 07 August 2013
Scientists learn how soy foods protect against colon cancer 07 August 2013
Illinois scientists put cancer-fighting power back into frozen broccoli 07 August 2013
Liver transplant patients have high rates of metabolic syndrome 07 August 2013
Research looks into lessening the danger of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs 07 August 2013
UEA research shows moderate exercise could be good for your tendons 07 August 2013
Why don't we all get Alzheimer's disease? 07 August 2013
Not only bone density, but also quality of bone predicts fracture risk 07 August 2013
Eating a Big Breakfast Fights Obesity and Disease 07 August 2013
Diets of Pregnant Women Contain Harmful, Hidden Toxins 07 August 2013
Sudden Decline in Testosterone May Cause Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms in Men 06 August 2013
A week's worth of camping synchs internal clock to sunrise and sunset, CU-Boulder study finds 02 August 2013
Living longer, living healthier 02 August 2013
Exercise May be the Best Medicine for Alzheimer's 02 August 2013
Be happy: Your genes may thank you for it 02 August 2013
Coronary artery disease continues to be neglected in women, despite it killing at least as many wome 02 August 2013
A smart way of using testosterone to prevent muscle wasting 02 August 2013
Fatty acids could aid cancer prevention and treatment 02 August 2013
Cell Phones Could Increase Cancer Risk 02 August 2013
Adolescents Are What They Don’t Eat, Too 02 August 2013
A maternal junk food diet alters development of opioid pathway in the offspring 02 August 2013
Study: Taxing sugary beverages not a clear cut strategy to reduce obesity 02 August 2013
Another scientific proof of the difference in social perception between men and women 02 August 2013
Blocking sugar intake may reduce cancer risk or progression in obese and diabetic people 02 August 2013
New analysis sheds light on the links between chemicals in our body and income 02 August 2013
Exercise is good for you, but it won't cut hot flashes 02 August 2013
Putting the brakes on inflammation 26 July 2013
Common agricultural chemicals shown to impair honey bees' health 26 July 2013
Estée Lauder clinical trial finds link between sleep deprivation and skin aging 26 July 2013
The love hormone is 2-faced 26 July 2013
Major global analysis offers hope for saving the wild side of staple food crops 26 July 2013
Calcium linked to increased risk of heart disease and death in patients with kidney disease 26 July 2013
Antioxidants -- too much of a good thing? 26 July 2013
Health risks from arsenic in rice exposed 26 July 2013
'Weightism' increases risk for becoming, staying obese 26 July 2013
Study: No link between mercury exposure and autism-like behaviors 26 July 2013
BPA + chlorine = bad news 19 July 2013
Spicing Up Food Can Make Up for Missing Fat 19 July 2013
Despite Documented Health Benefits, Most Children and Adults Have a Nutrition Gap in n-3 Fatty Acids 19 July 2013
Vitamins and minerals can boost energy and enhance mood 19 July 2013
What are Fructooliogosaccharides & How Do They Provide Digestive, Immunity and Bone Health Benefits? 19 July 2013
The New Frontier: Creating and Marketing Food Products that Prevent Disease and Obesity 19 July 2013
Habits, Not Cravings, Drive Food Choice During Times of Stress 19 July 2013
Exercise, endurance sports increase arryhthmia and heart failure risk in carriers of ARVD/C mutation 19 July 2013
Recommended calorie information on menus does not improve consumer choices 19 July 2013
For women with hysterectomies, estrogen may be a lifesaver after all 19 July 2013

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