Older Adults Live Longer With A Few Extra Pounds – If They Don’t Add More 20 September 2013
Scientists develop a new way to identify good fat 20 September 2013
Chronic inflammation linked to less likelihood of healthy aging 20 September 2013
Can olive leaf extract attenuate lead-induced brain injury? 20 September 2013
Study: Different hormone therapy formulations may pose different risks for heart attack and stroke 20 September 2013
Diet is associated with the risk of depression 20 September 2013
Evolutionary medicine of skin cancer risk among Europeans 20 September 2013
Can vitamin B supplements help stave off stroke? 20 September 2013
Pregnant women with high/low BMI are at higher risk of complications and hospital admissions 20 September 2013
Millions harmed each year from unsafe medical care 20 September 2013
Circadian clock is key to firing up cell's furnace 20 September 2013
Paracetamol improves exercise endurance in the heat 20 September 2013
Primary weight maintenance -- a new way to prevent overweight and obesity 20 September 2013
High intensity training good for cardiac patients 20 September 2013
Lifestyle, age linked to diabetes-related protein 20 September 2013
Lifestyle changes may lengthen telomeres, a measure of cell aging 20 September 2013
Food technologies deliver global public health solutions 20 September 2013
Obese stomachs tell us diets are doomed to fail 20 September 2013
Can financial incentives inspire exercise? 20 September 2013
Driven to clean: Nesting instinct among pregnant women has an evolutionary backstory 20 September 2013
Carbonation alters the mind's perception of sweetness 20 September 2013
Gut microbes closely linked to range of health issues 20 September 2013
Financial incentives motivate sedentary adults to exercise 20 September 2013
Study upholds hyaluronic acid injection safety, efficacy profile in reducing knee OA pain 20 September 2013
Red grapes, blueberries may enhance immune function 20 September 2013
New research supports intentional weight loss for older adults 20 September 2013
Study helps deconstruct estrogen's role in memory 20 September 2013
New research on potential avocado health benefits presented at International Congress of Nutrition 20 September 2013
Immune to ageing 14 September 2013
Diets Low in Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids May Be a Problem for Youngsters 14 September 2013
Diet during pregnancy and early life affects children’s behaviour and intelligence. 14 September 2013
Sleep better, look better? New research says yes 14 September 2013
Americans living longer, more healthy lives 14 September 2013
More than just type 1 or type 2: DiMelli study points to different forms of diabetes 14 September 2013
Researchers link obesity and the body's production of fructose 14 September 2013
Obesity combined with exposure to cigarette smoke may pose new health concerns 14 September 2013
Cilantro, that favorite salsa ingredient, purifies drinking water 14 September 2013
Younger women with type 2 diabetes face higher risk of heart disease 14 September 2013
Childhood obesity may quadruple high blood pressure risk in adulthood 14 September 2013
Insulin secretion disrupted by increased fatty acids 14 September 2013
Amino acid with promising anti-diabetic effects 14 September 2013
Science supporting abundant, nourishing food for a growing civilization 14 September 2013
Purple sweet potatoes among 'new naturals' for food and beverage colors 14 September 2013
Can the law improve diabetes prevention and control? 14 September 2013
Substance that gives grapefruit its flavor and aroma could give insect pests the boot 14 September 2013
Testosterone deficiency not the only cause of age-associated changes in men 14 September 2013
'Love hormone' may play wider role in social interaction than previously thought 14 September 2013
Brain atrophy linked with cognitive decline in diabetes 14 September 2013
Study suggests fish oil could help protect alcohol abusers from dementia 08 September 2013
Yin-yang effect of sodium and chloride presents salt conundrum 08 September 2013
Human gut microbes alter mouse metabolism, depending on diet 06 September 2013
Sleep deprivation increases food purchasing the next day 06 September 2013
Why Do Black Women Have A Higher Risk of Death from Heart Disease Than White Women? 06 September 2013
Peering into genetic defects, CU scientists discover a new metabolic disease 06 September 2013
Molecular beacons light path to cardiac muscle repair 06 September 2013
Education protects women from the obesity associated with urban living 06 September 2013
Lessons from the worm: How the elderly can live an active life 04 September 2013
Fear of holes may stem from evolutionary survival response 04 September 2013
Sleep boosts production of brain support cells 04 September 2013
Aging really is ‘in your head’ 04 September 2013
Hormone may help fight obesity and reduce cholesterol 04 September 2013
Penn biologists show that generosity leads to evolutionary success 04 September 2013
French Tour de France cyclists live longer than their non-cyclist countrymen 04 September 2013
Life without insulin is possible 04 September 2013
Research confirms Mediterranean diet is good for the mind 04 September 2013
Body weight influences both the physical and mental quality of life 04 September 2013
ACL injuries may be prevented by different landing strategy 04 September 2013
Ease of access improves fruit and vegetable consumption 04 September 2013
The 'weakest link' in the aging proteome 04 September 2013
Researchers Find Insulin Status an Important Determinant of the Positive Effect of Weight Reduction 04 September 2013
Antioxidant effect of resveratrol in the treatment of vascular dementia 04 September 2013
Better hygiene in wealthy nations may increase Alzheimer’s risk 04 September 2013
Psychological effects of genetic testing for risk of weight gain 04 September 2013
Risk factors for cardiovascular problems found to be inverse to disease and deaths 02 September 2013
Metabolically healthy women have same CVD risk regardless of BMI 02 September 2013
ASSURE study of experimental agent to raise HDL yields 'disappointing and surprising' results 02 September 2013
Study reveals the face of sleep deprivation 01 September 2013
Study: Overweight and obese women are equally capable of the impulse control that lean women exhibit 01 September 2013
Statins reduce CV events in CAD patients with very low LDL-C 01 September 2013
Reimbursement systems influence achievement of cholesterol targets 01 September 2013
Move it and lose it: Every 'brisk' minute counts 01 September 2013
Big belly increases death risk in heart attack survivors 01 September 2013
Cardiovascular risk factors highest in winter and lowest in summer 01 September 2013
Cold weather produces more heart attacks 01 September 2013
Physical activity decreases sudden cardiac death risk in unfit men 01 September 2013
Listening to favorite music improves endothelial function in CAD 01 September 2013
Stanford scientists show how antibiotics enable pathogenic gut infections 01 September 2013
Short-term smoking cessation reverses endothelial damage 01 September 2013
Intestinal flora linked to health of obese people 30 August 2013
Moderate physical activity does not increase risk of knee osteoarthritis 30 August 2013
Doubling the daily allowance of protein intake with diet and exercise protects muscle loss 30 August 2013
Dieting for obese mothers just before pregnancy may not be enough 30 August 2013
Statins may slow human aging by protecting against telomere shortening: A feature of senescent cells 30 August 2013
Human heart disease recently found in chimpanzees 30 August 2013
Pre-pregnancy hormone testing may indicate gestational diabetes risk 30 August 2013
Study reveals why the body clock is slow to adjust to time changes 30 August 2013
Single gene change increases mouse lifespan by 20 percent 30 August 2013
1 in 4 has alarmingly few intestinal bacteria 30 August 2013
Kids' fast food ads emphasize giveaways more than food 30 August 2013
Rich or poor in gut bacteria brings new vision for obesity treatment 30 August 2013

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