Osteoporosis is a major threat to women and their future independence, new report warns 10 October 2013
Weight loss through the use of intestinal barrier sleeves 10 October 2013
Hunter-gatherers and immigrant farmers lived together for 2,000 years in Central Europe 10 October 2013
Eat more, weigh less: Worm study provides clues to better fat-loss therapies for humans 10 October 2013
Circadian rhythms in skin stem cells protect us against UV rays 10 October 2013
Sleeping in on the weekends doesn't fix all the deficits caused by workweek sleep loss 09 October 2013
Neurological Researchers Find Fat May Be Linked to Memory Loss 09 October 2013
When it comes to the good cholesterol, fitness trumps weight 09 October 2013
Multivitamins with minerals may protect older women with invasive breast cancer 09 October 2013
Running a marathon can be bad for the heart, especially in less prepared runners, say experts 09 October 2013
Does Good Cholesterol Increase Breast Cancer Risk? 09 October 2013
Longer life for humans linked to further loss of endangered species 09 October 2013
Effects of TM practice on trait anxiety: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials 09 October 2013
School Debit Accounts Lead to Less Healthy Food Choices and Higher Calorie Meals! 08 October 2013
Portion size -- the science & the responsibility deal 08 October 2013
Air pollution increases heart attacks 08 October 2013
Evaluating mobile weight loss apps on use of evidence-based behavioral strategies 08 October 2013
Researchers link decreased estrogen-related receptor activity to eating disorder predisposition 08 October 2013
From Slowdown to Shutdown: US Leadership in Biomedical Research Takes a Blow, Experts Say 08 October 2013
Postpartum depression spans generations 08 October 2013
People mean most for our collective happiness 07 October 2013
What evolved first -- a dexterous hand or an agile foot? 07 October 2013
Food addiction a step closer to formal diagnostic status -- or not? 07 October 2013
NAC amino acid offers a potential therapeutic alternative in psychiatric disorders 07 October 2013
Epigenetic markers shows promise in Alzheimer's disease 07 October 2013
Identical twins w/ significant weight differences shed light on the phenomenon of MHO 07 October 2013
Obesity suppresses cellular process critical to kidney health 07 October 2013
Stress a key factor in causing bee colonies to fail 07 October 2013
Air pollution and psychological distress during pregnancy 07 October 2013
Leptin may explain the link between abdominal obesity and cardiovascular disease 07 October 2013
Research shows 'advergames' promote unhealthy foods for kids 07 October 2013
First physical evidence of why you're an owl or a lark 04 October 2013
Why do humans pig out? 04 October 2013
Study links moderate activity to lower breast cancer risk 04 October 2013
5 regular meals a day reduce obesity risk among adolescents 04 October 2013
Fecal transplant pill knocks out recurrent C. diff infection, study shows 04 October 2013
Diesel exhaust stops honeybees from finding the flowers they want to forage 04 October 2013
Walking can reduce breast cancer risk 04 October 2013
High Medicare spending on prostate cancer screenings, but little benefit for older men 04 October 2013
Key cellular auto-cleaning mechanism mediates the formation of plaques in Alzheimer's brain 04 October 2013
A metabolic means to preserving egg supply and fertility 03 October 2013
High rates of unnecessary prescribing of antibiotics observed across the US 03 October 2013
Brain stimulation affects compliance with social norms 03 October 2013
New study suggests changing bacterial mix may lead to painful sex after menopause 03 October 2013
Health of honey bees adversely impacted by selenium 03 October 2013
Warmer oceans could raise mercury levels in fish 03 October 2013
Drowsy Drosophila shed light on sleep and hunger 03 October 2013
Douglas Institute researchers identify the neural circuits that modulate REM sleep 02 October 2013
New research reveals that oxytocin could make us more accepting of others 02 October 2013
Despite menu changes, calorie and sodium levels in chain restaurant entrees remain the same overall 02 October 2013
Mom's weight gain during pregnancy tied to childhood obesity 02 October 2013
Gathering information about food is not top priority for individuals with high metabolisms 02 October 2013
Sleeping too little – or too much – associated with heart disease, diabetes, obesity 02 October 2013
The phytonutrients in oats and their role in human health: A review of the evidence 02 October 2013
Scripps Florida Scientists Shed Light on Body’s Master Energy Regulator 02 October 2013
Extended follow-up of hormone therapy trials does not support use for chronic disease prevention 02 October 2013
Resveratrol, found in red wine, worsens MS-like symptoms and neuropathology in mice 02 October 2013
‘Cupcake bans’ rare, but policies may reduce overexposure to sugary treats 02 October 2013
Red wine chemical remains effective against cancer after the body converts it 02 October 2013
Exercise 'potentially as effective' as many drugs for common diseases 02 October 2013
Melatonin helps control weight gain as it stimulates the appearance of 'beige fat' 30 September 2013
Testosterone Promotes Reciprocity in the Absence of Competition 30 September 2013
Key cellular mechanism in the body's 'battery' can either spur or stop obesity 30 September 2013
Olympians say poor oral health is impairing performance 30 September 2013
Study finds link between commonly prescribed statin and memory impairment 30 September 2013
Low testosterone may be linked to heart problems 30 September 2013
Eating fish, nuts may not help thinking skills after all 30 September 2013
Study compares 2 commonly used estrogen drugs and cardiovascular safety 30 September 2013
Niacin, the fountain of youth 30 September 2013
Leisure-time exercise could lower your risk of high blood pressure 30 September 2013
Combining Chinese and Western medicine could lead to new cancer treatments 30 September 2013
Study carried out on ninety-year-olds reveals the benefits of strength training as physical exercise 30 September 2013
Latest research suggests moderate coffee consumption is not associated with increased CVD risk 30 September 2013
Diabetes increases the risk of developing and dying from breast and colon cancer 30 September 2013
Mouse studies reveal promising vitamin D-based treatment for MS 30 September 2013
NYU Steinhardt researcher pinpoints biological risk factor in obesity-related cancers 30 September 2013
Flame retardant ban reduces exposures in pregnant women 30 September 2013
Genetic Makeup and Diet Interact with the Microbiome to Impact Health 30 September 2013
Study finds steroids may persist longer in the environment than expected 30 September 2013
Study unlocks origin of brown fat cells important in weight maintenance 30 September 2013
Study findings may explain delayed onset of heart disease in women 30 September 2013
Vitamin D alone does little to protect bone health in postmenopausal women 30 September 2013
Epigenetic changes observed in blood may point to early stages in Parkinson disease 30 September 2013
Zinc, proteins, and an essential cellular balancing act 30 September 2013
UC Davis researchers discover a biological link between diabetes and heart disease 30 September 2013
Is travel to high altitudes more risky for people with diabetes? 30 September 2013
Making a common cosmetic and sunblock ingredient safer 30 September 2013
Bone hormone influences brain development and cognition 30 September 2013
Do elite 'power sport' athletes have a genetic advantage? 30 September 2013
Folic acid deficiency has multigenerational effects 30 September 2013
Retail investment: A barometer for teen obesity? 24 September 2013
Study finds implanted device helps patients with central sleep apnea 24 September 2013
Cancer-killing cells controlled by epigenetic process, new study shows 24 September 2013
The brain cannot be fooled by artificial sweeteners 24 September 2013
Why do you want to eat the baby? 24 September 2013
Notre Dame paper sheds light on genetic and physiological basis for metabolic diseases 24 September 2013
Siberian hamsters show what helps make seasonal clocks tick 24 September 2013
Fewer weeks of hormone therapy before radiation reduces side effects in intermediate risk PCa 24 September 2013
How ‘bad’ cholesterol causes atherosclerosis in humans: Stem cells play a key role 24 September 2013

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