Antioxidants May Raise Cancer Risk in Certain High-risk Patients 30 January 2014
Large study confirms vodka as major cause of the extraordinarily high risk of early death in Russian 30 January 2014
Shivering could elicit some of the same benefits as exercise 30 January 2014
Simple, at-home test will detect most colorectal cancers 30 January 2014
Crowdsourcing a living map of world health 25 January 2014
Aspirin intake may stop growth of vestibular schwannomas/acoustic neuromas 25 January 2014
Impulsive personality linked to food addiction 25 January 2014
Psychologists document the age our earliest memories fade 25 January 2014
Dietary treatment shows potential in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease 25 January 2014
Simple protein test could improve prediction of survival rates for patients with head and neck cance 25 January 2014
Preventative Effect of Zingiber Officinale on Insulin Resistance in a High-Fat, High-Carbohydrate Diet-Fed Rat Model and its Mechanism of Action 18 January 2014
All FDA drug approvals not created equal 18 January 2014
Researchers discover how heart arrhythmia occurs 18 January 2014
Vitamin D status associated with multiple sclerosis activity, progression 18 January 2014
Cleveland Clinic identifies mechanism in Alzheimer's-related memory loss 18 January 2014
York scientists investigate the fiber of our being 18 January 2014
Brain may play key role in blood sugar metabolism and development of diabetes 06 November 2013
Health benefits of wild blueberries abound: Study 06 November 2013
Transmitting stress response patterns across generations 05 November 2013
Study: Higher rates of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stroke found in food desert 05 November 2013
Japanese superfood prevents flu infection 05 November 2013
Effects of Chronic Stress Can be Traced to Your Genes 05 November 2013
Penn researchers identify molecular link between gut microbes and intestinal health 03 November 2013
Brushing your teeth could prevent heart disease 02 November 2013
Sugar intake is not directly related to liver disease 01 November 2013
Bacteria and fat: A 'perfect storm' for inflammation, may promote diabetes 31 October 2013
Weight Loss Not Always Beneficial for Romantic Relationships 31 October 2013
Study: 2 peptides better than 1 in targeting diabetes, obesity 31 October 2013
HDL cholesterol controls blood glucose 31 October 2013
Baking blueberries changes their polyphenol content -- and possibly their health benefits 31 October 2013
Obesity: a new appetite-increasing mechanism discovered 29 October 2013
Microbiome in gut, mouth, and skin of low birth weight infants differentiate weeks after birth 29 October 2013
Penn: ‘Endowment Effect’ Not Present in Hunter-Gatherer Societies 29 October 2013
Brief exposure to performance-enhancing drugs may be permanently 'remembered' by muscles 28 October 2013
New study examines link between pregnancy weight gain, autism spectrum disorders 28 October 2013
No running for the well-heeled 28 October 2013
Excess omega-3 fatty acids could lead to negative health effects 28 October 2013
Stroke prevention surgery less effective than meds, lifestyle change 27 October 2013
Peer pressure can influence food choices at restaurants 27 October 2013
Cell nucleus protein in brown fat cells governs daily control of body temperature 27 October 2013
Sleep apnea is associated with subclinical myocardial injury 25 October 2013
Oregon researchers say supplement cuts muscle loss in knee replacements 25 October 2013
UCLA sleep apnea study uncovers more hidden dangers for women 24 October 2013
Researchers identify gene variant that raises risk for colorectal cancer from eating processed meat 24 October 2013
Novel genetic mutations cause low metabolic rate and obesity 24 October 2013
Trust Through Food 23 October 2013
Changes in epigenetic DNA functions reveal how diabetes predisposes individuals to Alzheimer's 23 October 2013
Focus on developmental approach to obesity in children and adolescents 23 October 2013
Study finds testosterone therapy may reduce risk of cardiovascular disease 23 October 2013
New biological links between sleep deprivation and the immune system discovered 23 October 2013
Ignorance is sometimes bliss 23 October 2013
Diabetes drug metformin with chemo and radiation may improve outcomes in lung cancer patients 23 October 2013
Delaying gratification, when the reward is under our noses 22 October 2013
Fat and fit: How dormice make optimal use of their body fat reserves 22 October 2013
Coffee consumption reduces risk of liver cancer 22 October 2013
UCSB anthropologist studies the evolutionary benefit of human personality traits 21 October 2013
UCLA scientist uncovers biological clock able to measure age of most human tissues 21 October 2013
Traffic-related air pollution a substantial public health concern 21 October 2013
Fatal cholesterol disease overlooked and untreated 21 October 2013
Learning new skills keeps an aging mind sharp 21 October 2013
Targeting cancer's sweet tooth 21 October 2013
New drug reduces negative memory 21 October 2013
Excessive alcohol consumption increases the progression of atherosclerosis and the risk of stroke 21 October 2013
Controlling the triggers of age-related inflammation could extend 'healthspan' 21 October 2013
Shorter sleep duration and poorer sleep quality linked to Alzheimer's disease biomarker 21 October 2013
Montreal combo plate cuts weight and health risks in obese individuals 18 October 2013
The benefits of bacteria for gut health 18 October 2013
Study strengthens link between low dietary fiber intake and increased cardiovascular risk 18 October 2013
'Traffic-light' labeling increases attention to nutritional quality of food choices 17 October 2013
A mother's high cholesterol before pregnancy can be passed on to her children 17 October 2013
Making sense of conflicting advice on calcium intake 17 October 2013
High serum omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid content protects against brain abnormalities 17 October 2013
Brain may flush out toxins during sleep 17 October 2013
In elderly, hardening of arteries linked to plaques in brain 16 October 2013
Maximizing broccoli's cancer-fighting potential 16 October 2013
Predicting health risks of everyday chemicals 16 October 2013
Working to the beat 16 October 2013
Happiness lowers blood pressure 15 October 2013
Studies show how critical sleep is to maintaining a healthy lifestyle 15 October 2013
Ghrelin, a stress-induced hormone, primes the brain for PTSD 15 October 2013
Willpower alone is not enough 15 October 2013
Genetic identification of a neural circuit that suppresses appetite 15 October 2013
Method of recording brain activity could lead to mind-reading devices, Stanford scientists say 15 October 2013
More than 40 percent of men over 75 undergo PSA screening despite national recommendations 15 October 2013
Halloween candy spooks aging digestive systems! Research in fruit flies helps explain why 15 October 2013
Mindfulness-based stress reduction helps lower blood pressure, reports study in Psychosomatic Medici 15 October 2013
Compound derived from vegetables shields rodents from lethal radiation doses 14 October 2013
Doctors should routinely evaluate patients’ physical activity habits 14 October 2013
Why does maximum heart rate drop with age? 14 October 2013
Study shows diet & lifestyle advice for diabetics should be no different from general public 14 October 2013
Adolescent's weight, socioeconomic status may affect cancer later in life 14 October 2013
Go to bed! Irregular bedtimes linked to behavioral problems in children 14 October 2013
40 years of federal nutrition research fatally flawed 11 October 2013
Disrupting an antioxidant pathway prevents heart disease caused by reductive stress 11 October 2013
Scientists identify protein linking exercise to brain health 11 October 2013
Study: Herbal products omit ingredients, contain fillers 11 October 2013
Healthier diets possible in low-income, rural communities in America 11 October 2013
Compound in Grapes, Red Wine Could Help Treat Multiple Types of Cancer, Study Finds 11 October 2013
Molecule produced during exercise boosts brain health 10 October 2013

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