Simple lab-based change may help reduce unnecessary antibiotic therapy, improve care 05 March 2014
Nobelist proposes unconventional view of type 2 diabetes causation 05 March 2014
Study links poor sleep quality to reduced brain gray matter in Gulf War vets 05 March 2014
Scientists wake up to causes of sleep disruption in Alzheimer's disease 05 March 2014
Study: Alzheimer's disease a much larger cause of death than reported 05 March 2014
U.S. GMO crops show mix of benefits, concerns - USDA report 05 March 2014
Tip to dieters: Beware of friends and late night cravings 04 March 2014
Increasing homogeneity of world food supplies warns of serious implications for farming and nutrition 03 March 2014
Researchers identify brain differences linked to insomnia 03 March 2014
Mislabeling of Some Joint Health Supplements with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Boswellia, and MSM 03 March 2014
In the Midwest, It's Monarchs Versus Monsanto 03 March 2014
Here's The Brilliant New Nutrition Label That Will Make America Healthier 03 March 2014
CasePerformance Interview with Mr. Super Human Himself, Carl Lanore! 03 March 2014
Exercise in older patients improves long-term health, wellbeing 03 March 2014
Research: Fructose not responsible for increase in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease 03 March 2014
BPA linked to prostate cancer, study shows 03 March 2014
Re: In Older Men an Optimal Plasma Testosterone Is Associated With Reduced All-cause Mortality and Higher Dihydrotestosterone with Reduced Ischemic Heart Disease Mortality, While Estradiol Levels Do Not Predict Mortality 27 February 2014
Daily walk of just 3 km can reduce risk of hospitalization for respiratory problems 27 February 2014
Dangers of ... sitting? Regardless of exercise, too much sedentary time is linked to major disability after 60 27 February 2014
Genetic screening can identify men with advanced prostate cancer 27 February 2014
Stress hormone linked to frailty 27 February 2014
High cost of fruits, vegetables linked to higher body fat in young children 27 February 2014
Bioengineered growth factors lead to better wound healing 27 February 2014
Food packaging chemicals may be harmful to human health over long term 27 February 2014
Study finds nothing so sweet as a voice like your own 27 February 2014
Female athlete triad syndrome a growing concern, sports medicine experts say 27 February 2014
Scientists identify the switch that says it's time to sleep 27 February 2014
Vitamin D deficiency may compromise immune function 25 February 2014
NIH team discovers genetic disorder causing strokes and vascular inflammation in children 25 February 2014
Cell therapy shows remarkable ability to eradicate cancer in clinical study 25 February 2014
How gut bacteria communicate within our bodies, build special relationship 25 February 2014
Geographic variation of human gut microbes tied to obesity 25 February 2014
Buying livestock products: What’s on the consumer's mind? 25 February 2014
Diet, diabetes, and dementia 25 February 2014
PFC exposure may spark metabolic changes in overweight children 25 February 2014
CDC Caught Hiding Data Showing Mercury in Vaccines Linked to Autism 25 February 2014
Do You Know What Organic Means? 25 February 2014
Researchers rejuvenate stem cell population from elderly mice, enabling muscle recovery 20 February 2014
Top-rated Vitamin and Supplement Brands and Merchants for 2014 Based on Consumer Satisfaction 20 February 2014
Calcium, Vitamin C, and Fish Oil Supplements Drop in Use, Probiotics Rise According to Survey 20 February 2014
Effect of Triticum turgidum subsp. turanicum wheat on irritable bowel syndrome: a double-blinded randomised dietary intervention trial. 20 February 2014
Obese Americans get less than one minute of vigorous activity per day, research shows 20 February 2014
Investigating the fiber of our being: How our gut bacteria metabolize complex carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables 20 February 2014
Healthy habits pay off in long term 20 February 2014
Why tackling appetite could hold the key to preventing childhood obesity 20 February 2014
CU-Boulder stem cell research may point to new ways of mitigating muscle loss 20 February 2014
Study on flu evolution may change textbooks, history books 20 February 2014
Worldwide study finds that fertilizer destabilizes grasslands 20 February 2014
The unexpected outcomes of anti-aging, rejuvenation and life extension studies: an origin of modern therapies 18 February 2014
New blood cells fight brain inflammation 18 February 2014
Study suggests sleep apnea may contribute to fatigue in multiple sclerosis 18 February 2014
London's bicycle sharing scheme has had positive overall health effect 18 February 2014
Excess weight linked to brain changes that may relate to memory, emotions, and appetite 18 February 2014
Eat spinach or eggs for faster reflexes: Tyrosine helps you stop faster 18 February 2014
Lactate and brain function: How the body regulates fundamental neuro-hormone 18 February 2014
Preterm Babies: Higher Insulin at Birth, in Early Childhood 18 February 2014
Weight loss surgery increases social acceptance, but body remains problematic 18 February 2014
Is zinc the missing link for osteoarthritis therapies? 18 February 2014
Exercise may slow progression of retinal degeneration 18 February 2014
Seven new genetic regions linked to type 2 diabetes 13 February 2014
Whole diet approach to lower cardiovascular risk has more evidence than low-fat diets 13 February 2014
Majority of Americans have their heart health facts wrong 13 February 2014
Women fare worse than men following stroke 13 February 2014
Stroke trigger more deadly for African-Americans 13 February 2014
Smithsonian reports GMO soybean pollen threatens Mexican honey sales 13 February 2014
Will your child be a slim adult? Crowdsourcing novel childhood predictors of adult obesity 13 February 2014
Nutritional supplement improves cognitive performance in older adults, study finds 13 February 2014
Links explored between physical activity, learning 13 February 2014
Study reveals record rise in insulin use 13 February 2014
Exercise targets cellular powerhouses to improve heart function 12 February 2014
Carrageenan - How a “Natural” Food Additive is Making Us Sick 11 February 2014
Meal times could have a significant effect on the levels of triglycerides in the liver 11 February 2014
'Not my child:' Most parents fail to recognize if their child is overweight 10 February 2014
Indigenous diets can help fight modern illnesses, say health experts 10 February 2014
Monkeys that eat omega-3 rich diet show more developed brain networks 10 February 2014
More Than a Billion People Taking Statins? Potential Implications of the New Cardiovascular Guidelines 08 February 2014
Study shows yogurt consumption reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes 08 February 2014
New stem cell research removes reliance on human and animal cells 08 February 2014
Obesity, type 2 diabetes epidemics spreading to developing world as more own TVs, computer 08 February 2014
Study challenges a close link between recent weight gain and diabetes 08 February 2014
Autism: Birth hormone may control the expression of the syndrome in animals 05 February 2014
You May Be Getting More Vitamin C Than You Think from Some Supplements, Cautions 03 February 2014
Dirty Dozen List of Endocrine Disruptors 03 February 2014
Resistance Training Ups Testosterone in Muscles of Older Men 03 February 2014
Resetting, understanding the metabolic clock 03 February 2014
Study examines consumption of added sugar, death from cardiovascular disease 03 February 2014
Adolescents' salt intake correlates with obesity, inflammation 03 February 2014
Evidence that shivering and exercise may convert white fat to brown 03 February 2014
Pain sensitivity may be influenced by lifestyle and environment, twin study suggests 03 February 2014
Liver tumors found in mice exposed to BPA 01 February 2014
Better access to healthy foods is not enough to tackle obesity 01 February 2014
Is high blood pressure the new HIV epidemic? 01 February 2014
Stanford researchers discover how brain regions work together, or alone 01 February 2014
Vitamin C and E supplements hampers endurance training 01 February 2014
Study finds obesity during pregnancy is risk factor for long-term cardiovascular morbidity 01 February 2014
Study finds cervicovaginal microbiota differs in women to have preterm birth 01 February 2014
Calories, carbohydrates, and cancer therapy with radiation: exploiting the five R’s through dietary 01 February 2014
Connectedness, human use of buildings shape indoor bacterial communities 30 January 2014
Future Trials Unlikely to Support Vitamin D Supplementation 30 January 2014
Neanderthals' genetic legacy 30 January 2014

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