Vermont Senate votes 26-2 for GMO labeling 17 April 2014
Brain changes are associated with casual marijuana use in young adults 17 April 2014
Food groups and weight gain in Japanese men 17 April 2014
Vitamin D deficiency contributes to poor mobility among severely obese people 17 April 2014
Muscle strength in adolescent men and risk of cardiovascular disease events and mortality in middle age: a prospective cohort study 17 April 2014
If You're Young, Sleep In 17 April 2014
Study supports detrimental effects of television viewing on sleep in young children 17 April 2014
Global, regional, and national consumption levels of dietary fats and oils in 1990 and 2010: a systematic analysis including 266 country-specific nutrition surveys 17 April 2014
Comparing Methylation Maps of Archaic and Modern Humans 17 April 2014
Progressive neurodegenerative disorder linked to R-loop formation 17 April 2014
Scientists re-define what's healthy in newest analysis for Human Microbiome Project 17 April 2014
Women who gain too much or too little weight during pregnancy at risk for having an overweight child 15 April 2014
Finding the switch: Researchers create roadmap for gene expression 15 April 2014
New mouse model could revolutionize research in Alzheimer's disease 15 April 2014
Alex's Amusement 4/15/14 15 April 2014
The Seven Easiest Vegetables to Grow for Beginner Gardeners 15 April 2014
Evidence for Threshold Effects of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D on Glucose Tolerance and Insulin Resistance in Black and White Obese Postmenopausal Women 15 April 2014
Bad News: E-Cigs Alter Cells a Lot Like Tobacco Does 15 April 2014
Researchers determine how mechanical forces affect T-cell recognition and signaling 15 April 2014
Ketone supplementation decreases tumor cell viability and prolongs survival of mice with metastatic cancer. 15 April 2014
Effectiveness of dietary interventions among adults of retirement age: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials 10 April 2014
Lifestyle risk factors and residual life expectancy at age 40: a German cohort study 10 April 2014
Health benefits of 'green exercise' for kids shown in new study 10 April 2014
Team solves decades-old mystery of how cells keep from bursting 10 April 2014
Regular aerobic exercise boosts memory area of brain in older women 10 April 2014
Glucosamine promotes longevity by mimicking a low-carb diet 10 April 2014
Increased Levels of Circulating Advanced Glycation End-Products in Menopausal Women with Osteoporosis 10 April 2014
Effect of resveratrol on glucose control and insulin sensitivity: a meta-analysis of 11 randomized controlled trials 10 April 2014
U.S. adults are not meeting recommended levels for fish and omega-3 fatty acid intake: results of an analysis using observational data from NHANES 2003-2008 10 April 2014
Morning rays keep off pounds 08 April 2014
Nighttime Light May Alter Circadian Rhythm, Lead to Obesity 08 April 2014
Stronger adolescents, teens have less risk of diabetes, heart disease 08 April 2014
Over a lifetime, childhood obesity costs $19,000 per child 08 April 2014
The effects of changing dairy intake on trans and saturated fatty acid levels- results from a randomized controlled study 08 April 2014
Drink milk? Women who do may delay knee osteoarthritis 08 April 2014
From athletes to couch potatoes: Humans through 6,000 years of farming 08 April 2014
Alex's Amusement 4/8/14 08 April 2014
The Antidiabetic Action of Camel Milk in Experimental Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: An Overview on the Changes in Incretin Hormones, Insulin Resistance, and Inflammatory Cytokines. 27 March 2014
Researchers discover underlying genetics, marker for stroke, cardiovascular disease 27 March 2014
Regular physical activity reduces breast cancer risk irrespective of age 27 March 2014
Bugs Have Already Evolved Immunity to GMO Corn 27 March 2014
New reason to eat oats for heart health 27 March 2014
Stanford opening new lab to study bad science 27 March 2014
'Bad cholesterol' indicates an amino acid deficiency, researcher says 27 March 2014
Dietary Intake of Vitamin K Is Inversely Associated with Mortality Risk 27 March 2014
Compared with Daily, Weekly n–3 PUFA Intake Affects the Incorporation of Eicosapentaenoic Acid and Docosahexaenoic Acid into Platelets and Mononuclear Cells in Humans 27 March 2014
Circulating testosterone and estradiol, autonomic balance and baroreflex sensitivity in middle-aged and elderly men with heart failure. 27 March 2014
Excess weight at 1 year postpartum increases moms' risk for diabetes, heart problems 25 March 2014
When mothers are active so are their children -- but many mothers are not 25 March 2014
Stress impacts ability to get pregnant 25 March 2014
Gene linked to reduced lifespan in mice 25 March 2014
Long-term benefits of physical activity to bone size and strength 25 March 2014
The aging brain needs REST 25 March 2014
Penn Medicine researchers show how lost sleep leads to lost neurons 25 March 2014
Physical activity - an important preanalytical variable. 25 March 2014
Follistatin: a novel therapeutic for the improvement of muscle regeneration 25 March 2014
Alex's Amusement 3/25/14 25 March 2014
Direct iodine supplementation of infants versus supplementation of their breastfeeding mothers: a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial 20 March 2014
Association of Sex Hormones, Aging and Atrial Fibrillation in Men: The Framingham Heart Study. 20 March 2014
Contagious yawning may not be linked to empathy; still largely unexplained 20 March 2014
Human brains 'hard-wired' to link what we see with what we do 20 March 2014
Facebook feelings are contagious 20 March 2014
Increased adiposity and reduced physical activity in children: Cause or effect? 20 March 2014
Purified fish oils could help treat rare disease affecting newborn babies 20 March 2014
Heart risks of glucose-lowering drugs being overlooked in clinical trials 20 March 2014
Combo of overweight, high sodium intake speeds cell aging in teens 18 March 2014
Bacterial reporters that get the scoop 18 March 2014
New method is a thousand times more sensitive to performance-enhancing drugs 18 March 2014
Honey is a new approach to fighting antibiotic resistance: How sweet it is! 18 March 2014
The precise reason for the health benefits of dark chocolate: Mystery solved 18 March 2014
Better-tasting reduced-fat desserts, dressings, sauces: Coming soon? 18 March 2014
Tequila plant is possible sweetener for diabetics -- helps reduce blood sugar, weight 18 March 2014
IRX3 is likely the 'fat gene' 18 March 2014
More on the New Nutrition Labels 18 March 2014
Antiobesity action of gingerol: Effect on lipid profile, insulin, leptin, amylase and lipase on male obese rats induced by a high-fat diet 18 March 2014
Alex's Amusement 3/18/14 18 March 2014
Glucosamine fails to prevent deterioration of knee cartilage, decrease pain 13 March 2014
Traffic-related air pollution associated with changes in right ventricular structure and function 13 March 2014
Claim that raw milk reduces lactose intolerance doesn't pass smell test, study finds 13 March 2014
Stem cell study opens door to undiscovered world of biology 13 March 2014
New technique uses ATP as trigger for targeted anti-cancer drug delivery 13 March 2014
Mindfulness-based meditation helps teenagers with cancer 13 March 2014
Blood test identifies those at-risk for cognitive decline, Alzheimer's within 3 years 13 March 2014
Self-rated physical fitness in midlife an indicator of dementia risk 12 March 2014
Estradiol preserves key brain regions in postmenopausal women at risk for dementia 12 March 2014
Monsanto Is Going Organic in a Quest for the Perfect Veggie 12 March 2014
IBS and bloating: When the gut microbiota gets out of balance 11 March 2014
Alex's Amusement 3/11/2014 11 March 2014
More than just bacteria: The importance of microbial diversity in gut health and disease 11 March 2014
Healthy food is good for you -- and can sell, too 11 March 2014
South Pacific island's earliest inhabitants relied primarily on foraging, not horticulture 11 March 2014
Low saturated fat diets don't curb heart disease risk or help you live longer 11 March 2014
Higher levels of omega-3 in diet are associated with better sleep, study shows 11 March 2014
Inadequate sleep predicts risk of heart disease, diabetes in obese adolescents 11 March 2014
Attitude during pregnancy affects weight gain, research shows 11 March 2014
Tell EPA’s Leader: Step Up and Protect Bees 10 March 2014
Passive smoking linked to increased miscarriage, stillbirth, and ectopic pregnancy risk 05 March 2014
Why dark chocolate is good for your heart 05 March 2014
Strawberries lower cholesterol, study suggests 05 March 2014
Gut microbes spur development of bowel cancer 05 March 2014

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