Vitamin D Status is a Determinant of Skeletal Muscle Mass in Obesity according to the Body Fat Percentages 30 December 2014
Self-perceived vs actual and desired weight and body mass index in adult ambulatory general internal medicine patients: a cross sectional study 30 December 2014
Weight training appears key to controlling belly fat 30 December 2014
Consumer purchases of cakes, cookies and pies have decreased by 24 percent 30 December 2014
Scientists uncover new, fundamental mechanism for how resveratrol provides health benefits 30 December 2014
Can exercise help people with Parkinson's disease? 30 December 2014
Sugar molecule links red meat consumption and elevated cancer risk in mice 30 December 2014
Patient stem cells used to make dementia-in-a-dish; help identify new treatment strategy 30 December 2014
Arch Height Mediation of Obesity-Related Walking in Adults: Contributors to Physical Activity Limitations 25 December 2014
Effects of core strength training using stable versus unstable surfaces on physical fitness in adolescents: a randomized controlled trial 25 December 2014
High intensity interval exercise is an effective alternative to moderate intensity exercise for improving glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity in adolescent boys 25 December 2014
The psychology of gift-giving and receiving 25 December 2014
Light-emitting e-readers before bedtime can adversely impact sleep 25 December 2014
That smartphone is giving your thumbs superpowers 25 December 2014
New standards of care from the American Diabetes Association 25 December 2014
Forager past shows our fragile bones result from inactivity since invention of farming 25 December 2014
Molecular mechanism behind health benefits of dietary restriction identified 25 December 2014
Effects of dietary creatine supplementation on systemic microvascular density and reactivity in healthy young adults 23 December 2014
Dose–Response Relation between Exercise Duration and Cognition 23 December 2014
Endocrine alterations from concentric vs. eccentric muscle actions: A brief review 23 December 2014
Fat cells reprogrammed to increase fat burning 23 December 2014
Neuronal circuits filter out distractions in the brain 23 December 2014
Feeling younger than actual age meant lower death rate for older people 23 December 2014
Healthy eaters: Ignore glycemic index 23 December 2014
The Lancet: World population gains more than 6 years of life expectancy since 1990 23 December 2014
Crows are smarter than you think 23 December 2014
Sleep, circadian rhythms, and athletic performance 18 December 2014
The effect of the work environment on future sleep disturbances: A systematic review 18 December 2014
Some like it hot: Testosterone predicts laboratory eating behavior of spicy food 18 December 2014
Weighing in on the role of mindfulness in slimming down 18 December 2014
Yoga has the potential to reduce risk factors of cardiovascular disease 18 December 2014
Microbial 'signature' for sexual crimes 18 December 2014
Could ibuprofen be an anti-aging medicine? 18 December 2014
Time management skills keep animals primed for survival 18 December 2014
Moms of food-allergic kids need dietician's support 18 December 2014
The Role of Dietary Sugars and De novo Lipogenesis in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 16 December 2014
Modest hyperglycemia prevents interstitial dispersion of insulin in skeletal muscle 16 December 2014
Effects of sugar solutions on hypothalamic appetite regulation 16 December 2014
Boosting chemical by-product of dietary fiber fermentation in gut slims and trims 16 December 2014
Added sugars likely to have greater role than salt in high blood pressure and heart disease 16 December 2014
Human exposure to metal cadmium may accelerate cellular aging 16 December 2014
Scientists create food ingredient that will make you feel fuller 16 December 2014
Can poor sleep lead to dementia? 16 December 2014
Can returning crops to their wild states help feed the world? 16 December 2014
It is not just muscle mass: a review of muscle quality, composition and metabolism during ageing as determinants of muscle function and mobility in later life 11 December 2014
Pulsing blue light through closed eyelids: effects on acute melatonin suppression and phase shifting of dim light melatonin onset 11 December 2014
Food choices, perceptions of healthiness, and eating motives of self-identified followers of a low-carbohydrate diet 11 December 2014
The intestinal immune system controls the body weight 11 December 2014
Rule of 3: Hormone triplet offers hope for obesity and diabetes 11 December 2014
Scientists discover brain mechanism that drives us to eat glucose 11 December 2014
Most exaggeration in health news is already present in academic press releases 11 December 2014
Can organic crops compete with industrial agriculture? 11 December 2014
Blood lipid metabolites allow early identification of cardiovascular disease 11 December 2014
Perceived exertion responses to changing resistance training programming variables 09 December 2014
Exercise for Obese Youth: Refocusing attention from weight loss to health gains 09 December 2014
Does the colour of the mug influence the taste of the coffee? 09 December 2014
Mediterranean diet linked to longer life 09 December 2014
Overweight and obesity in pregnancy linked to greater risk of infant death 09 December 2014
Macho stereotypes put off men as well as women 09 December 2014
Animal welfare could be improved by new understanding of their emotions 09 December 2014
Brain reward circuits respond differently to two kinds of sugar 09 December 2014
Sleep disturbance linked to amyloid in brain areas affected by Alzheimer's disease 09 December 2014
Metacognition in eating disorders: Comparison of women with eating disorders, self-reported history of eating disorders or psychiatric problems, and healthy controls 04 December 2014
Social comparison, negative body image, and disordered eating behavior: The moderating role of coping style 04 December 2014
Patterns of dietary supplement use among college students 04 December 2014
Intermittent fasting even with the occasional cheat day may help combat obesity 04 December 2014
High-sugar diet in fathers can lead to obese offspring 04 December 2014
Social media data contain pitfalls for understanding human behavior 04 December 2014
Another case against the midnight snack 04 December 2014
Study demonstrates that exercise following bariatric surgery provides health benefits 04 December 2014
Bitter food but good medicine from cucumber genetics 04 December 2014
A high-protein diet for reducing body fat: mechanisms and possible caveats 02 December 2014
Sprinters versus Long-Distance Runners: How to Grow Old Healthy? 02 December 2014
Evaluation of Sports Nutrition Knowledge and Recommendations Among High School Coaches 02 December 2014
Excessive contact between cellular organelles disrupts metabolism in obesity 02 December 2014
High school football players show brain changes after one season 02 December 2014
Using social media for behavioral studies is cheap, fast, but fraught with biases 02 December 2014
Animals steal defenses from bacteria 02 December 2014
Protein that rouses the brain from sleep may be target for Alzheimer's prevention 02 December 2014
OU professor and team discover first evidence of milk consumption in ancient dental plaque 02 December 2014
Maintenance of energy expenditure on high-protein vs. high-carbohydrate diets at a constant body weight may prevent a positive energy balance 27 November 2014
Effect of mastication on lipid bioaccessibility of almonds in a randomized human study and its implications for digestion kinetics, metabolizable energy, and postprandial lipemia 27 November 2014
Large portion sizes increase bite size and eating rate in overweight women 27 November 2014
Serotonin's early role in the assembly of brain circuits 27 November 2014
Obese children burdened by more than weight 27 November 2014
Elderly brains learn, but maybe too much 27 November 2014
Study finds most older adults qualify for statin therapy under new cholesterol guidelines 27 November 2014
Does a yogurt a day keep diabetes away? 27 November 2014
With age, we lose our visual learning filter 27 November 2014
Body composition changes associated with fasted versus non-fasted aerobic exercise 25 November 2014
The Influence of Dietary Fat on Liver Fat Accumulation 25 November 2014
Can serving-size labels reduce the portion-size effect? A pilot study 25 November 2014
Cells' natural response to chronic protein misfolding may do more harm than good 25 November 2014
Gut microbiota influences blood-brain barrier permeability 25 November 2014
Natural gut viruses join bacterial cousins in maintaining health and fighting infections 25 November 2014
Penn researchers unwind the mysteries of the cellular clock 25 November 2014
Running really can keep you young, says CU-Boulder-Humboldt State study 25 November 2014
Study: Doubling saturated fat in the diet does not increase saturated fat in blood 25 November 2014
Lactate Threshold Comparison in Anaerobic vs. Aerobic Athletes and Untrained Subjects 20 November 2014
Exercise-Trained Men and Women: Role of Exercise and Diet on Appetite and Energy Intake 20 November 2014

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