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I came across this video from who knows where, and it made me a little… irritated, to say the least. Just ask Adel Moussa or Sean Casey, both of which had to endure my blocks of Facebook chat rant. Needless to say, it is two minutes of complete idiocracy. To make matters worse, it was done by Dave Asprey, someone who many people in the misinformed world look up to. But before I get sidetracked on a different rant about why Bulletproof coffee is a scam, and adding copious amounts of fat to your morning Joe makes no sense whatsoever, let’s take a look at the video at hand, Eat More Butter.

“It makes a really convenient snack because it’s almost like a snickers bar” (8 sec). No… just… no. Butter is in no way a convenient snack, and it is definitely worse than a snickers bar. I’m no promoting snickers mind you, but butter? Really? People are going to hear this and think it is okay to start munching, and then wonder why they are gaining weight. Of course by 20 seconds he says he is full after a couple bites, probably because it is disgusting, I mean look at his face while he eats it. Even he doesn’t want it.

“If you eat fat it will tell your body that that’s what you’ll be burning. It will also tell your body that I live in a land of plenty… and calms stress in the nervous system” (25 sec). I suppose he skipped basic human physiology. No, eating fat does not increase fat-burning. The body is always burning some fat, and the absolute amount will depend on the amount of dietary carbohydrates. If you eat carbohydrates, fat burning will decrease. If you abstain from carbohydrates, fat burning will increase. However, if you eat both, the body will preferentially burn the carbohydrates. Eating fat does not increase fat burning. It also does nothing to signal a “land of plenty”, and this is exemplified in ketogenic diets where the majority of calories come from dietary fat. The body still down-regulates hormones and thinks it is starving. It is carbohydrates that signal a “land of plenty” and stimulate leptin production, thyroid hormones, and metabolic rate. There’s a reason bodybuilders dieting to 5% body-fat incorporate carbohydrate refeeds. I put more links to research than needed, but note that they are only some of the countless studies showing that Dave Asprey is just plain wrong. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.

“It also contains butyric acid” (42 sec). Correct, butter does contain butyric acid… about 4 grams in an entire stick that contributes 92 grams of total fat. If you promote butter to get butyric acid, you are an idiot. You know what else gets you butyric acid, and in much larger quantities? Fermentation of fibers such as resistant starch, fruit pectins, and beta-glucans (think oatmeal and buckwheat). Even our beloved ruminants only supply butyric acid in their milk (from which butter is made) because of fermentation.

“…and I’ve worked out, I don’t know, five times in the last two years” (1:11). Yep, definitely someone who should be giving advice about weight-loss and staying healthy (please note the extreme sarcasm that extends outside our solar system). I won’t even get started on this one, and with you being Super Humans, I don’t think I need to anyways.

As for the last 30 seconds or so where he brags about his HDL being 76 (mine was this same amount after bulking for six months eating over 3000 Calories daily with over 400g of carbohydrates, and no butter, so clearly his was the result of butter and not losing all the weight – more sarcasm, please be aware of this). Dave Asprey, please get a clue. /end rant.

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SuppVersity Post of the Week

True or False: Xanthan Will Reduce The Glycemic Index of Your Meals, Increase Satiety and Have an Overall Beneficial Effects on Your Metabolic Health (Glucose, Lipids, Waist, ...)

This one takes the cake for the week, mostly because I use xanthan gum daily. Here is my secret.

  1. 1)2.5 cups cold water
  2. 2)6 ice cubes
  3. 3)1 scoop milk protein isolate
  4. 4)Any other powders, sweeteners, whatever
  5. 5)Blend until no ice left
  6. 6)2 teaspoons xanthan gum
  7. 7)Blend, pour, and freeze for 1 hour
  8. 8)Enjoy.

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