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Critical Thinking Corner

Protein-Centric Meals for Optimal Protein Utilization: Can It Be That Simple? Apologies in advance for those without access, especially since there is no abstract. This brief commentary piece was published in The Journal of Nutrition on my birthday, April 17, and basically looks over meal timing with regard to the physiological responses to protein. I thought it was worth discussing because this is the fundamental reason that I advice against snacking and eating frequently.

Basically, spreading protein intake throughout the day is optimal for protein synthesis. As the article rightly points out, “a protein-centered approach to meals may be a practical tactic for effectively maximizing protein synthesis on a daily basis, such that long-term maintenance of muscle mass might be achieved.” Taking a step away from the athlete, who honestly consumes more protein than needed, this advice is extremely relevant to the population groups that need it – pretty much everyone except athletes. Whether old, sick, fat, or whatever, simply eating three to four meals daily with a nice giant steak at the center-piece could do wonders for health and vitality.

So here is the critical thinking part, and don’t worry, it shouldn’t be too difficult a concept to grasp. If someone comes to you looking to accomplish some goal that involves nutrition, what is the first thing you look for? Protein-centered meals. See, not that hard. I really, really, really want to guarantee (but I can’t) that if everyone simply ate 3-4 times per day with a meal based around 30-40 grams of protein from meat, dairy, or eggs, much of the health complications and weight issues people have would disappear. Simple, practical, and… steak… drool.

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I wonder how many foreigners actually think this. Personally I though #11 was the funniest, and so true.

Great brief primer on understanding primary research

Great interview about protein and its application to training

Interesting little 2-year study about running in minimalist footwear, and the before/after photos are cool. Overall just makes me love my vibrams (a little) more.

SuppVersity Post of the Week

6 + 1 Convincing Reasons You Should Not Subscribe to the "Chocolate is Good For You" Hype Indiscriminately. Plus: Which Chocolate is the Healthiest? Organic, Baking, Dark?

Because who doesn’t like chocolate? But seriously, this post takes the cake for this week because it really goes to show how even modest processing strips chocolate of its overhyped health benefits. I think the important take-away here is two-fold. One, if you consume chocolate for the health benefits then you should be using unprocessed cocoa powder or 100% dark bakers chocolate. Second, don’t mix it with dairy because that strips it of the beneficial polyphenol compounds.

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