Alex's Amusement 3/11/2014

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Okay, I'll try to stay brief. Staying up to date on the latest news is great, but there is more on the interet then news. I often come across some pretty interesting stuff (at least to me), and I thought it would be a great a idea to share it with you! Whether it is another blog post, a funny picture, or a face-palm moment you will stay up to date on all the latest most random things. So prepare, because every Tuesday there will be a new Alex's Amusement that is full of stuff from the previous week.


Did you know that your brain tricks you? Of course you did, your a Super Human. But seriously, this video's about three minutes long, but it serves as a great crash course for some of the nastier things our brains are hard-wired to do, even if we think we have the willpower to do something differently.


Should you stay up late?


Why you shouldn't skip leg day.


SuppVersity Post of the Week!

Grazin' Study Shows: Increased Eating Frequency Bad For Obese and Lean Men. Reduced Diet-Induced Thermogenesis and Blunted Lipolysis Could Promote Future Weight Gain.


Every week I will be singling out the most interesting SuppVersity post TO ME that our friend and future Ultra-Super Human, Adel Moussa, writes. I will also share my thoughts on the article.


I have always hated eating small meals or snacks. I eat 3x daily no matter what my goals are. Either breakfast, lunch, dinner on rest days, or post-workout meal, lunch, dinner on training days (I train in the mornings fasted). Anyways, you wouldn't believe the smile on my face when I read this article. Eating 4 smaller meals compared to the single breakfast meal reduced dietary thermogenesis and inhibited lipolysis! I can't really add anything to the conclusion, "the beneficial short-term effect of increasing eating frequency on appetite in lean men considering subjective, physiological and behavioral data are not worth the anti-weight loss effects due to the reduced thermogenecis and decreases in lipolysis that could be deleterious on energy balance in the long run."


I will add that I would like to see a study done that looks at these markers for 3 vs 5 meals daily, ensuring the 5 meals are every 3 hours so that the protein synthetic repsonse has time to return to baseline, and have it done for both hypercaloric and hypocaloric diets. Regardless, eating my three meals looks like it is here to stay.


Picture Perfect

Because who doesn't like to have a giant grin on their face?



Seriously Spongebob!Seriously Spongebob! 


Memory Loss DrugMemory Loss Drug


Friendship is so WeirdFriendship is so Weird



Alright well that's the end for this week. If you liked this let me know on the Super Human Radio fan page! If not then still let me know! Hopefully it will slowly become more organized in the future.

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