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The Only 100% Bioavailable Vitamin E Supplement With All 8 Advanced Tocotrienol And Tocopherol E Vitamins

This patch makes every Vitamin E supplement obsolete! Ok, that’s a big statement, but we can back it up with today’s science and research studies. 99% of the currently available Vitamin E supplements just contain alpha Tocopherol. (commonly called vitamin E) Today there are dozens of studies that show that “tocopherol only” Vitamin E will not deliver most of the health benefits previously thought to be associated with Vitamin E.

About Phase4 Pharmaceutical, LLC

Established in 1999 as the science and technology of time-release transdermal patch delivery emerged. They were then and now, a company focused on the research & development of transdermal patch delivery of unique and superior dietary supplements for health and fitness. They will only offer dietary supplement products if, through their research and development, they can demonstrate that they are superior to any other comparable brand in quality and performance.

But why Patches? When a drug or dietary supplement is swallowed it is digested and then moves to the liver via what is known as the “portal vein”. The introduction of the digested drug or dietary supplement into the liver is known as the “First-Pass”. In the liver most drugs or dietary supplements are metabolized to the extent that only a small portion of the original oral dosage enters the bloodstream, thus reducing the bioavailability of the drug or dietary supplement taken orally. This is why drugs or dietary supplements delivered directly to one’s bloodstream by patches or injection are so much more effective, as they completely bypass the liver!

Transdermal patches and gels deliver supplement formulas over a period of time, thus giving one’s system adequate time to absorb and metabolize the formula ingredients. This increases the bio availability and strength of the formula dramatically! And, depending on the formula, the same formula levels are anywhere from 10 to 200 times stronger with transdermal delivery than with oral delivery. For example, 5mg of L-arginine delivered via transdermal patch, is the equivalent of 1,000mg of L-arginine taken orally, and you would have to take 1,200mg of Vitamin B12 orally to equal the nutritional value of 60mg delivered via a time-release transdermal patch.

For information and frequently asked questions about any of the AgeForce patches, there is a Frequently Asked Questions page that is updated periodically.


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