# 802 - FDA Says: "You Do Not Have Any Fundamental Right To Obtain Any Food You Wish!" PLUS The "You" Plan - Get Out Of The Hot Seat And Make It Happen

Guest: Pete Kennedy & Michael "Dr. Woody" Woodward

The goal of the FDA is to strip all of our rights to accessing healthy food and replacing them with the poisons produced by large factory farms, food conglomerates and pharmaceutical companies. Kennedy's group is fighting back PLUS Dr. Woody discusses the importance of having a life plan and gives specific steps and questions you must ask yourself in order to assemble that plan. Whether your goal is changing careers, changing your life or finding greater joy in your life this interview can help.

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-1 # Carmela Cierzo 2011-09-01 21:21
I really enjoyed Dr. Woody s interview! Thanxs i needed to hear this, it motivated me, And so did ur life story of how u got ur show going.Keep up the fantastic work!

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