# 783 - AF Performance Center Trains Olympic Gold Contender PLUS New PowerBlock Product review PLUS One Man's Experience With Intermittent Fasting: Duong Nguyen

Guest: Dr. Peter Rouse - Alicia Fong & Jay Vollmer & ProfDr Andro - Duong Nguyen

Fong and Dr. Rouse run what is fast becoming a mecca of performance enhancement in Santa Monica that attracts the World's best athletes and Hollywood's A-List stars PLUS PowerBlock does it again. Vollmer talks about their new 10 Lb to 175 Lb per-hand quick-change dumbbell PLUS Nguyen and Dr. Andro discuss Nguyen's amazing transformation using Intermittent Fasting combined with weight training.

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0 # Duong Nguyen 2011-08-01 11:49
I mentioned on the Super Human Radio interview with Carl Lanore and Dr. Andro that I had recently taken some updated back pictures.

I just recently posted the amazing back comparison pic on blog:

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