# 769 - The Caloric Zig-Zag PLUS Which Is Better, To Sweat Or Not To Sweat? Deodorant -vs- Antiperspirant

Guest: Rob Regish & Marshall Brain

Regish discuss methods that employ Intermittent Fasting, Caloric Zig-Zagging and specific Amino Acids to make better gains PLUS Brain discusses the origins of Antiperspirants and the risks associated with them.

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0 # Rob Regish 2011-07-12 06:23
Your interest in The Blueprint notwithstanding , I sincerely hope everyone benefits from the information contained herein. In particular there are simple, economical and effective strategies to optimize your diet and supplementation protocols Carl and I discuss.

Many thanks to everyone at Superhuman Radio and especially Dr. Scott Connelly, for having me back!

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