# 739 - Testosterone Patch Technology In An Over-The-Counter Product PLUS The Deadly Sins Of Dieting For Woman

Guest: Steve Lapidus & Dr. Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic

Lapidus discusses breakthroughs in transdermal patch delivery system and how they can now be sued for OTC supplement delivery PLUS Dr. Forsythe-Pribanic details the common mistakes woman make when trying to loss body fat.

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+2 # Michael Arch 2011-05-26 09:41
Dr. Cassandra's segment was great! My wife made me play it twice!
+3 # C T 2011-05-25 22:44
The problem i have with these test products. You don't know which one is the 1 that will raise test. Now the person you had on claimed that they tested all the so call test boosters. There is nothin that compares to the test patch.
I am sure Mike Mahler would disagree with that statement he believes bulbine is the one real product & natural test booster.
I looked at the test patch ingredients and these ingredients have been around for a long time. Nothing new about them -so i just don't know. There are many products on your site that claim to raise test but who really knows and who has the money to test them all. You're better off letting your doctor prescribed to you the real deal...

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