# 738 - Reversing Gyno Without Surgery PLUS Paleo And Performance

Guest: Eric Potratz & Mat Lalonde

Gynecomastia is not appealing. Men were never meant to have boobs. Potratz details how we get them, what drugs cause them and how you can get rid of them without surgery in as little as six weeks. PLUS Lalonde, a Harvard trained Organic Chemist,  takes a scientific approach to the Paleo style of nutrition and we look at the practicalities of things like fruit, and starchy carbohydrates on performance. Lalonde also gives his opinion on dairy, legumes, grains and eating raw meats.

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0 # L. Brian Kassin 2011-05-24 21:17
Thank you for having Mr. Lalonde on the show. It was nice hearing a perspective that is based on pure science, particularly a person that used to be a vegetarian. I found his insights to be VERY helpful and really useful in tailoring my diet to strike a balance between gaining muscle and longevity. Great show and cannot wait till his next time on the show!!!

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