# 733 - The History Of Pro-Hormones PLUS The Paleo Rebuttal

Guest: Patrick Arnold & Dr. Loren Cordain

Patrick Arnold discusses his introduction of some of the most powerful and successful pro-hormones into the sports supplement industry AND openly discusses some details surrounding the discovery and design of the performance enhancing drugs he made that found their way into some of the biggest names in professional and Olympic sports PLUS Dr. Cordain replies to comments made by reporter Ann Stein who published an article decrying the Paleo Diet. We discuss the reason we are even eating grains today and why the American Dietetic Association promotes consumption of foods that they know are no good for us.

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0 # Michael7 2011-05-27 13:18
by the way Loren Cordain wrote the foreword to the english edition of Staffan Lindeberg's book Food & Western Disease. I've heard Carl say at the end of one show I downloaded from the archives that this book was highly recommended by an anti-aging specialist. Perhaps you can get in touch with Lindeberg through Cordain.

I'd like to know why the price of that book on Amazon is so high though.
0 # Michael7 2011-05-20 14:25
Do the bad things about milk that Cordain talks about also apply to fermented dairy products like yogurt or cheese?

What is professor Cordain's opinion about whey protein powder? That's technically a dairy product isn't it?

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