# 731 - Advanced Glycation Endproducts A Result Of High Heat Cooking Our Food And Their Effects On Health PLUS Beyond Building Blocks: Amino Acids for Super Humans Part 1

Guest: Sean Casey & Prof. Dr. Andro

There may be more to the raw food movement than we think. Casey may have also discovered an interesting link between AGE's and Diabetes that hasn't been discussed before PLUS Part One of the Amino Acid lecture - The basics of Amino Acids as building blocks and chemical messengers and how protein is absorbed.

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0 # Christian 2011-05-31 20:42
Great show! I hope the show notes get posted.
0 # Robert Andrade 2011-05-16 15:33
Unreal! I can't wait for the next show in the series. I listened to this three times! The amount if info is almost overwhelming. It is alot to digest. As Corky, I to am looking for the notes. I wrote my own, but it wasnt until the end of the show you stated you would post the notes from the great Dr. Andro. Thanks so much Carl.
0 # Corky 2011-05-15 17:48
Great episode... excellent job once again. During the Prof. Dr. Andro interview, you said you would post his show notes.. where are you going to post them? I checked your wall and here, cant find the notes anywhere...

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