# 720 - What's Really Going On In Texas: Raw Milk Under Siege PLUS What Do Farmers Really Think About GMO PLUS Its The 80% Outside The Gym That Counts

Guest: Judith McGeary & PJ Braun

Suspicious  claims of salmonella poising of 4 people from Raw Milk hits the news in Dallas right at the time that Texas is voting on a  bill that will give consumers more access to Raw Milk PLUS Farm And Ranch Freedom Alliance weighs in on the REAL threats of GMO. This is huge. GMO may be producing a super-bug that can threaten crops AND animals PLUS Braun gives us the top-line summary of what you need to do outside the gym to make gains faster. Braun also candidly shares his personal experience with a powerful pro-hormone that says he LOVES.

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0 # Corky 2011-05-02 05:47

During the conversation with PJ, you commented that to test for overtraining, count the number of times you can press a key on a keyboard over 30 seconds. I tried this, and found that if you use Excel (or any spreadsheet program), and press the enter key, it will keep track of the number for you because enter will move it down a row, which is numbered on the side. If you start on 1, and end on 131, you pressed the key 130 times.

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