# 714 - No-Bull Calf Training PLUS Peptides Continued: IGF - MGF And More

Guest: Brooks Kubik & Prof. Philip Filiminov

Ignoring your calves because they don't respond is no longer an option with these clearly defined techniques by Kubik PLUS IGF-1Lr3 + PEG MGF may be the best muscle-building fat-burning duo. Prof. Filiminov discusses dosing and timing PLUS litterer peptide questions answered.

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0 # Adamjamescooper 2011-04-24 05:37
Hey, I really enjoyed this podcast on both subjects but the information on igf1 lr3 and mgf is very interesting!! The only Problem for myself is the peptide site advertised on superhumanradio is they don't deliver to the uk. Do any know a respectful company with high quality peptides who do? Please let me know so I can start my own research. Thank you
+1 # WILLtheHammer 2011-04-20 16:16
Fantastic info on peptides. Reliable info like this is hard to find. Thank you to Prof. Filiminov and SHR.
+2 # Jorsn 2011-04-19 13:24
Russian aka Professor Filimanov, I would say you were a genius but even then that would be an understatement! I have learned so much about peptides over on Need To Build Muscle thanks to Professor Filimanov.

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