# 688 - Better Sex Through Chemistry PLUS Dr. Oz Is The Wizard Of Oz PLUS Why We Get Fat

Guest: Mike Mahler & Gary Taubes

Mahler lists supplements and nutritional tips that will make both men and women heat up in the bedroom PLUS I tell Taubes why I think The Wizard Of Oz (Dr. Oz) is wrong about EVERYTHING he says PLUS Taubes talks about his definitive work Why We Get Fat PLUS

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+1 # doubleogordo 2011-03-17 20:12
i watched a few segments of gary taubes on the dr oz show, and it was kinda ridiculous. for example when they showed dr oz's meal which was salmon, spinach, and brown rice and gary's was a humongous hunk of beef. i was thinking that all dr oz had to do was remove the rice and he would be eating taubes style. also, the tub of generic LARD made me laugh. why do they have to make it so extreme?

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