# 685 - Does The Fountain Of Youth Actually Exist... And Is It In Indiana PLUS Tricor Training... The New Paradigm In Strength & Conditioning

Guest: Kris Gebhardt & Charles Staley

As a species, humans have always believed that youthfulness would arise from bathing in magical waters. Is it possible? PLUS Staley wrote the popular book Escalating Density Training that many still use today to train. He's on a new path with Tricor Training.

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0 # nuckles 2011-03-28 11:41
ever read the bible, if u have some belife it says u wil live on the earth forever strong and healthy and death wil be trown to sjeol and sjeol wil be trown in the fire, by the almighty god and he wil give u prosperfull life forever. but hey thats only if u belive right.. maybe there is some cola for the none beliver that butss u back a few yares

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