# 684 - Gary Taubes Debut On Dr. Oz Discussed PLUS Geranium... What's Really In It..

Guest: Pam Killeen & Anthony Roberts

Killeeen and I discuss the recent Taubes appearance on Dr. Oz (whom I will affectionately refer to as the Wizard of Oz from now on) and also the realities of eating a completely Vegan diet devoid of any animal protein sources PLUS Roberts talks about the recent Geranium debacle and more topics on his Blog.

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-1 # Mike Mahler 2011-03-21 02:04
the reality of the vegan diet is that it is possible to make it work as I have for close to 20 years. I do not survive on a vegan diet I thrive on it. I have a sex hormone profile that people would kill for without taking any drugs period. I get stronger and more fit every year and my brain works just fine Pam as I am a very successful entrepreneur and published writer. Below is a demo of my strength:

I have no joint pain, depression, brain fog, etc. I have excellent insulin sensitivity and blood tests show clearly that I have no vitamin, mineral, or amino acid deficiencies. I do not try to convince others that being a vegan will work for them but it is an undeniable fact that I have made it work very well personally.

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