# 659 - CASUAL FRIDAY: Men's Health Magazine Says Jamba Juice Peach Perfection Is One Of The Healthiest Foods In America... Really!? PLUS Give Your Super Bowl Party Menu The Paleo Once-Over. And Other Lively Topics

Co-Host: Alisa Profumo

More nutritional idiocy exposed. Alisa shares some ideas to have a fun Super Bowl menu while eating less junk. Carl jumps on Paula Dean again. Listener mail and questions answered. And more.

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0 # doubleogordo 2011-02-09 03:32
i like this casual friday thing 8)
0 # Evert van Tilborg 2011-02-07 13:32
I think you should praise Paula Deen for using butter and not shortening or margarine, what many modern 'health conscious' cooks use.

You make it sound like Paula Deen is killing people by letting them eat a lot of butter, but I'm sure you know butter is quite healthy to eat and it is the large amount of sugar that is the real problem if it's eaten regularly. Together with unfermented grains.

I always try to eat healthy and eat just butter as desert. About four sticks per week.

When eating low carbohydrate and not wanting to burn the protein I eat to build my body, I always make sure to get enough calories from butter, olive oil and coconut oil.
+1 # cogrick2 2011-02-04 18:52
What brand of almond milk do you use? I know many of them have carageenan and/or guar gum. I think you have commented on the digestive trouble caused for some by either or both.

Also, I think you had a guest speak about a testosterone-lo wering chemical used in the bags of frozen fruits and vegetables. Am I right? You spoke this episode about the freshness of frozen fruits and vegetables contrasted with distant travelling "fresh" produce in the store.

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