# 653 - The History Of Shaving AND Choosing A Razor Blade PLUS Older Adults Who Eat More Protein Live Longer

Guest: Marshall Brain & Dr. Amy Anderson

Brain is an amazing guest. He discusses the introduction of shaving and possibly the best razor blades to use and its not one you'd ever think of using PLUS Dr. Anderson's group shows that older adults who get more protein live longer.

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0 # RussellCampbell 2011-01-27 21:02
Hello, Great Show Carl. I am a Canadian living in Japan and I enjoy your show very much...keeps me sane over here. I am reading the book Primal Body Primal Mind and in she talks about mTOR that is a newly discovered metabolic pathway for protien. She says that we shouldnt eat much beyond 60grams per day. That carbs should be very low and protein at the above level as both are connected to longevity and high protien is not conducive to longevity. What are your thoughts on this research?

Thanks, Russell

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