# 645 - Forgotten Vitamin A

Guest: Sally Fallon

All I can say is WOW.... who knew Vitamin A was so amazing... and pretty much missing in our diets. This show is important for everyone to hear but ESPECIALLY important to anyone worried about their thyroid, getting cancer, getting pregnant or carrying a baby right now.

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0 # cogrick2 2011-02-22 12:10
Has anyone found evidence that cow's liver as found in most stores (not grass-fed, not free of hormones) is no worse than other meat with respect to toxins?

I thought this was an excellent show, but this claim did concern me.
0 # Diane @ Balanced Bit 2011-01-18 13:54
I love this podcast! I feel like SHR has come a long way over the time I'm listening to it to really focus on health first, with bodybuilding benefits as secondary effects. I'm excited to have found you after first listening to the Robb Wolf podcast you did several months back. I teach Paleo nutrition workshops and coach clients in that direction as well. The real information about Vitamin A, D, cholesterol, etc. is great to continue to spread to the masses. Keep up the awesome work- I love the podcast and listen regularly.
-3 # oatz 2011-01-17 18:39
dont eat protein because you might get sick :D come on carl

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