# 629 - Inflammation The Root Of Disease: What to Do About It

Guest: Mike Mahler

Inflammation kills.... Kill Inflammation.

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0 # Mike Mahler 2010-12-15 19:37
Hi James, that was addressed by Peter Rouse with the food sensitivity show the same week as my episode. I did say that food sensitivities need to be addressed on the show. I am not trying to say supplements solve everything and clearly cutting out foods that cause inflammation is a must
thanks for the feedback
0 # James Hearl 2010-12-09 10:01
Interesting show.

Odd that the profound, common and well defined and inflammatory mechanisms surrounding problematic whole foods such as grains and legumes weren't mentioned?

It seems a little odd to bury down into a difficult and supplement based reductionist approach by talking about Mg etc off the bat than discussing that things that are proven to work globally


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