# 626 - BEST OF - The Power Of Intention

Guest: Randy Roach

What you think may be more important than what you do.

NOTE: This is one of what were lost episodes. Due to a portable hard drive corruption I have not had access to these shows. They are a series of shows I did in 2008 that are all under 40 minutes long but cover lots of good information. Thanks to forensic data recovery they are now able to be enjoyed.

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0 # Sean Drew 2010-12-05 13:39
Hey Carl, my question is what does Randy Roach think of dr. Mauro DiPasquales Metabolic Diet?
0 # Renee 2010-12-02 13:33
I'm excited to hear this show. My husband is planning to do a marathon next year. I'm doing paleo 'lite' with him as I'm a mostly vegetarian eater. I'm going to make sure he listens to this show.

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