# 613 - A Big Thick Back Is In Your Future

Guest: Super Human Radio Resident Personal Trainer PJ Braun

PJ can show you how to build a back that will make your friends envious.

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0 # Gareth Denyer 2010-11-15 21:12
PJ knows training and nutrition like no other in the industry. Listen how he trains back in this episode and you'll learn how to training it correctly.

Thank you SHR for introducing him to us. I can tell you right now he is worth every penny he charges.
0 # doubleogordo 2010-11-14 22:04
love the resident personal trainer episodes. i agree with pj on the underhand pull-down and row credo. much better stretch and pinch in the back.
+1 # Overlord 2010-11-14 04:59

First; Very solid episode. PJ has become a good addition to SHR and I think the two of you have an easy radio chemistry.

Second; You might not know it, but it turns out you have quite a lot of regular listeners on Anabolic Society. We're in the process of growing the forum right now and adding a home page with various columns on training, nutrition, the industry etc.

I want to personally extend an invite to you. You are more than welcome to pimp SHR on our boards at anytime. Our community is very science-savvy, so those who don't already follow your show will likely be easily converted.

It'd also be nice to just shoot the shit with you from time to time.

Hope all goes well with your move back to KY.

- OL
+1 # D. Marshall 2010-11-12 10:05

Great show, PJ is awesome, but I was wondering if there would be show notes from this episode and where I could find them interested in the routines PJ talked about.


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