# 611 - The Risk Of Getting MRSA At Your Gym

Guest: Former Lt Gov of NY Betsy McCaughey

MRSA is an antibiotic resistant infection. What are your risks of getting it at the gym?

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0 # doubleogordo 2010-11-14 22:09
i have heard about putting neosporin in the nostrils before, but it was to help prevent acne.
0 # devil 2010-11-09 15:15
let's start to use the chat room everyone!
0 # Iron.E 2010-11-09 11:50
I got MRSA in 07 right before I left for Thailand. It entered into a scar on my wrist I had from an old surgery from a rock climbing accident. The scar turned purple and filled up with puss and blood. Since I was in Thailand I ignored it and drained it by biting it open once a month or so. When I got home to the states a quack doctor did a small surgery cutting it out and said she didn't think I needed a biopsy. The infection soon grew back and I saw a better doc who xrayed my wrist to find a dime size hole eaten through the bone. He said the only reason it hasn't killed me is my healthy lifestyle has kept it from being active in the bloodstream. He performed a major surgery and I went on some terrible oral antibiotics as an alternative to having a catheter running through my arm into my heart. I now clean off all equipment before and after use.

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