# 608 - Uses For The Trap Bar

Guest: Coach Wade Johnson

The Trap Bar is finding its way into more and more gyms. Coach Johnson discusses various uses and how it benefits the lifter. PLUS a new product is discussed to aid in your bench press.

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0 # Evert 2010-11-05 07:15
Rubbing some coconut oil on the hands may help to keep the skins elasticity. Especially after using soap or solvents.
0 # Frankie 2010-11-04 10:25
My gym doesn't have a trap bar but it has something similar: a seated machine with bars at either side. It holds up to 700lbs or so, and the fixed nature forces the weight off my lower back and allows me to sit on my heels despite a severe lower back injury. Very comfortable, and has really helped with upper traps

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