# 571 - BEST OF - For Whom The Kettlebell Tolls PLUS Turn Up The Heat On Hypertrophy

Guest: Pavel Tsatsouline

Guest: Dr. Joshua Selsby

Russian Kettlebell training can help you build strength. From Powerlifters to Football players any sports discipline can benefit form the Kettlebell.Only six basic movements performed with the Kettlebell in concert with the ballistic style of the movements and the compactness of the Kettlebell itself may make this the ideal training method for anyone who is short on time and training space  SECOND HALF Applying heat to the trained muscle - before training and after - can elicit an anabolic response due to the up-regulation of Heat Shock Proteins which stimulate an aggressive increase in Growth Factors. Modes of application, target temperatures and potential methods of generating the needed heat are discussed.

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